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Yihi SX350 Mini and SX350 Mini M-Class Extension Tube

Preço: DKR 231.10 DKR 137.50
Sem impostos: DKR 110.00
Marca: yihi
Código do produto: SXTUBE
Tamanho: 21 x 21 x 78
Quantidade Máxima 4
Disponibilidade: Em estoque




If the equation is - A: You love your SX Mini and B: You love Power-Vaping with a passion then the answer is this brilliant extension-tube. The bar has just been raised to 120 Watts! 

  • Use 2 x 18650 batteries in your SX-Mini.
  • SX-Mini will now run at a max of 120 watt.
  • Insulation wraps and conductivity pad for the batteries.

The power:
This ingenious battery extension tube for the SX-Mini and SX-Mini M Class will allow you to put an extra battery in your favourite High End, Space Age, Super Advanced vaper and thereby add "Steam Hammer" to it's credentials.
You can now go as high as 120 Watts - that's a lot and it takes a lot of consideration and attention to detail to press an e-cigarette up that far.

The safety:
Yihi is more than up to the challenge. You get a set of special PET insulators to wrap around your batteries to avoid any chance of a short circuit. You also get an adjustable conductivity pad to put between the two batteries and thus ensure optimal conductivity.

The mounting:
The extension tube is easily mounted on the Mod. You simply put an extra battery underneath the first one and then attach the extension tube. Simple, yes...but highly efficient and well designed.

The bottom line: 
This is a fantastic way to securely add more power to your SX-Mini/SX-Mini M Class and safety is very important when you are dealing with a massive 120 Watts in a e-cigarette.

Please note that you can use the 120 W in Watt-mode only. They will have no effect in Joule-mode.



  • Stainless Steel design.
  • 2 x PET wraps for batteries.
  • SX-Mini will be able to run up to 120 Watts.
  • Adjustable conductivity pad for placing between the batteries.


Purchase is for:

  • 1 x Extension tube.
  • 2 x PET Batteryi wraps.
  • 1 x Adjustable conductivity pad.
  • User manual

*Note: 120 Watt is for using in Watt-mode only. Not in Joule-mode.

*Purchase is for above listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.

*It is strongly recommended that you use batteries of 30Amp or higher.

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