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Xtar AC Wall Adapter - Output 5V - 2100 mAh

Price: DKR 79.00
Ex Tax: DKR 63.20
Brand: Xtar
Product Code: XTAR04
Size: 28 x 39 x 66
Availability: In Stock


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DKR 79.00
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Powerful wall adapter supply for your electronics that demands lot of power e.g Xtar battery chargers.

This power supply/wall charger is especially designed for the Xtar VC2 and VC4 external battery chargers and has an output of V5 and 2100mAh.
This also makes it perfect for charging other electronic devices that demand a lot of power.

The charger has a USB socket where you plug in your charging cable. You can now charge your devices directly from the wall socket.

*Can also be used for charging other devices that are charged via USB.
**Purchase is for the wall adapter only. Charging cable is sold separately.






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