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Wotofo Stentorian RAM Squonk Mech Mod Resin

Price: DKR 543.75
Ex Tax: DKR 435.00
Brand: Wotofo
Product Code: RAM BOX SQUONK
Size: 24 x 47 x 77
Availability: In Stock


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a beautiful mechanical squeeze

Whether you are already familiar with Squonking or you want to try out this special form of vaping, the Wotofo Stentorian Ram Mod is a brilliant place to start.
This beautiful box, made from delicious and colourful Resin plastic, is a fully mechanical Mod that is simple to use and has a great performance.

-and if you don't know what Squonking means then frankly: It's about time you do!

  • Fully mechanical Mod.
  • Made from beautiful resin plastic.
  • Internal goldplated copper wire, 510 connector and Firebutton.
  • The bottle will hold 7ml of e-juice.
  • Uses one 18650 flat top battery (sold separately).

This Stentorian Ram Mod will provide the flavourful experience of dripping without the hassle of having to drip your wick all the time.
The concept is called Squonking and it's quite a unique way to vape.



  • Materials: Resin, copper and stainless steel.
  • Spring loaded, gold plated 510 BF (Bottom Feed) connector.
  • Internal wires are made from goldplated copper for maximum conductivity.
  • Running very low Ohms might result in the Firebutton heating up.
  • Lock function on the Fire button: Twist is counter-clockwise to lock and clockwise to unlock it.
  • The bottle will hold 7ml of e-juice.
  • Press the bottle in the Mod to squeeze liquid up into your RDA (you must use a tank with a BF 510 pin).
  • Uses one 18650 flat top battery (sold separately).
  • Size: 77mm x 47mm x 24mm

The Ram Mod:

The Stentorian RAM Mod is a truly beautiful mechanical Mod, made from Resin plastic (know for its durability and many wonderful colours).
All the metal parts (copper and stainless steel) have been plated with 24-carat gold to ensure maximum conductivity and performance.
Note: A mechanical Mod has no safety features so it is very important that you are able to test the resistance/Ohm of your coil, as well as check for short circuits, before using it. You can use an Ohm tester like this one.  

The RAM Mod has a hollow BF (Bottom Feeding) 510 connector, that will allow juice to run from the bottle in the Mod and up into the RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.
Note: In order to be able to Squonk you must use a tank/RDA with Bottom Feed as well.

With a fully charged battery, the RAM Mod will start out at 4.2Volts and the effect will then gradually fall as the battery discharges.

The RAM uses one 18650 battery, and you change it the same way you change or fill the juice-bottle: By unscrewing the side of the Mod. The bottle is placed on the left-hand side, the battery on the right-hand side.

In order to remove and fill the bottle, simply unscrew it from the lid that the tube runs through, and screw it back on when you're done.
While you have to open the Mod in order to fill or replace the bottle this is definitely not something you have to do many times a day, as the bottle will hold a massive 7ml of e-juice.
That's enough for a looooong time squonking.

So what IS Squonking?

You probably know the term "to drip" when vaping. The idea behind dripping is that you don't have a tankful of e-juice in your atomiser. Instead, you simply drip the juice straight onto your coil and wick and vape...until you have to drip again.
The pros: By dripping the juice directly onto your coil/wick, you get an amazingly clear and intense taste from your liquid and a lot of vapour!
The cons: When you discover how good dripping your coil tastes, you'll end up living your life with a juice bottle in your hand.

Other vapers have noticed this dilemma too and brainy vape entrepreneurs have come up with the ultimate way to combine the dripping (the wonderful taste) with a container for your juice (lose the juice bottle in hand):
This solution is called "Squonking"!

The idea is that you've got a juice bottle mounted inside your Mod and you use a special RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) with bottom feed as your atomizer.
A plastic hose runs from your bottle (inside the Mod) and up through the bottom of your RDA, so when you squeeze the bottle slightly, fresh drops of e-liquid are added directly to your wick! This way you'll get the taste from a dripper, but you'll have all the juice inside the Mod.
Talk about getting "the best of both worlds"!

The Stentorian Ram Mod:

With a beautiful and colourful design from class A materials, a strong performance and easy operation (simply squeeze the bottle and press the Fire button), the Stentorian Ram Mod is the perhaps best way to enjoy a solid Squonk-vape.
If you like colours, mechanical Mods and (obviously) to Squonk, it is a total no-brainer that will not disappoint you!

The purchase is for:

1 x Stentorian Ram Mod.
2 x 7ml bottles (one is pre-mounted).
1 x Manual (På Engelsk)

*Purchase is for the above-listed items only. Tank and other products are shown as inspiration.

**The Stentorian Ram Mod requires a 18650 flat-top battery of at least 30 Amp. Sold separately.

***Note: As it is mechanical Mod, the Stentorian RAM has no safety features. Pink-Mule cannot be held responsible for damages due to incorrect use.
This is NOT a Mod for the absolute newbie vaper!

The Wotofo Stentorian RAM Mod with the Geekvape Peerless BF RDA on top.










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