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Wick'n Vape Cotton Bacon Comp Wrap - Cotton Bits + 5m Wire 0.5mm

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Cotton Bacon Comp Wrap Bites V2 - 5m 0.4mm Wire by Wick N' Vape Cotton Bacon Comp Wrap Bites V2 - 5m 0.4mm Wire by Wick N' Vape DKR 106.25 Qty:
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BACON and wire 0.5mm

It's time for a new  Wick'n Vape:
This is a delicious set with the phenomenally good Cotton Bacon Bits and five meters of high-end Nichrome wire.

About Nichrome wire:

Nichrome has a lower nickel content than normal nickel wire and can be used exactly in the same way as normal kanthal wire. However, it still has the ultra-fast warm-up time as any other nickel wire.
You get 5 meters of 0.5mm (24gauge) wire in the bag.

About Cotton Bacon:

Bacon is the basis of all nutrition!
Bacon should be the very foundation of a daily diet and the same can be said about the wicking material in an RDB (Rebuildable Atomizer): It is the backbone of good vaping! 

Cotton Bacon by Wick N' Vape was the first ever wick material designed specifically for vaping and not for cosmetic use. This means you get the highest purity and best possible juice-flow when using Cotton Bacon for your wicks.

This is a smaller package with two strips of high-quality cotton so it's easy to stick in a back pocket when you're out and about and don't worry: you'll still have more than enough wicking material for both you and everyone else in your canoe.

This V2 edition has just pushed the performance up even higher.
It has undergone an extra process to eliminate all natural cotton oils so it has no break in period and it's a little more absorbent and heat resistant than the V1.

Pure Bacon:
Cotton Bacon by Wick N' Vape is packed in a clean-room and then sealed in a re-sealable bag that ensures that your "Bacon" stays clean.

Working Bacon:
Cotton Bacon contains zero pesticides, chemicals or natural oil. It is extremely absorbent and heat resistant.

Low - Ohm Bacon:
The large fibres of Cotton Bacon are superbly suited for low-Ohm vaping and minimise dry hits.  


  • Made in the USA.
  • The package contains Cotton Bacon Bits and five meters of 0.5mm wire.
  • The Wire:
    • 5 meters of 0.5mm (24gauge) wire.
    • The wire is made from Nichrome that can be used exactly as kanthal wire, but still has the very quick warm-up time as any nickel wire.
  • The Cotton Bacon Bits:
    • Contains two strips of Cotton Bacon.
    • Extreme juice-flow capacity.
    • Especially suitable for sub ohm vaping.
    • 100% tasteless.
    • Made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved facilities.

The Purchase is for:

1 x Pack of Cotton Bacon Comp Wrap - 5M 24gauge(0.5mm) nichrome wire and Cotton Bacon Bits.













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