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Viking Stål Mods - VSM22 Mini Genesis RBA - Ø22mm

Price: DKR 750.00
Ex Tax: DKR 600.00
Brand: Viking Stål
Product Code: VSM22 MINI
Size: 22 x 22 x 33.5
Availability: In Stock


Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.25mm (AWG30) - 10m Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.25mm (AWG30) - 10m DKR 26.86 Qty:
MESH 316 SS #400 A4 MESH 316 SS #400 A4 DKR 46.49 Qty:
Mesh 316 SS #200 A4 Mesh 316 SS #200 A4 DKR 41.32 Qty:
Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.20mm (AWG32) - 10m Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.20mm (AWG32) - 10m DKR 26.86 Qty:
Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.30mm (AWG29) - 10m Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.30mm (AWG29) - 10m DKR 26.86 Qty:
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DKR 750.00
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Whether you plan on raiding a monastery in York, discover America or simply drink youself silly in mead from a cow horn, this is the tank you want to bring with you!

  • Made from stainless 316L steel.
  • Tank capacity: aprox. 3.5 ml.
  • Negative and positive terminal  with X slot screw. 
  • Diameter 22 mm / Height 48 mm.

Everybody loves vikings (okay: maybe not if you're a monk from York, but...) Did they have horns or not? Did they discover Armerica? Well here is the answer to one question: If they were vapers they would have used a tank like this! It is simply ingenious, sturdy and groundbreaking. Just like the vikings themselves!

Vikings can build more than longships. The small danish company Viking Steel Mods has produced a line of high quality Genesis-RBA's (Rebuildable Atomisers) and they will NOT disapoint you!

This model is called VSM22 Mini, and is a smaller version of the VSM22. However the smaller size does not mean lesser quality! From the moment you hold it in your hand you will understand that this is NOT a mass produced assembly-line product. The attention to detail and the build and material quality are absolutely top-notch. The genesis-style atomiser is famous for having the best and most intense taste of any RBA and this is certainly true when it comes to the VSM22. The taste will simply leave you amazed.

So pull out the horny helmet, check the oil on the longship...and just vape away!



  • Made from stainless 316L steel.
  • 510 connection.
  • 510 drip tip compatible (drip tip included).
  • Tank capacity: aprox. 2.8 ml.
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • Micro chamber.
  • Negative and positive terminal with X slot screw. 
  • Negative screw: M2, stainless 316L steel.
  • Positive screw: M3, stainless 316L steel
  • Peek insulators with high heat resistance.
  • Wick hole diameter: 3.1 mm.
  • E-juice fill-hole: 2 mm
  • Airholes: 3 * 0.8 mm.
  • Diameter 22 mm/ Height 43.2 mm.

Vape like a Viking - Vape Viking Steel Mods!

Purchase is for VSM22 Mini atomiser only. Other items are shown as inspiration.

*This atomiser is an advanced piece of equipment and not meant as a beginner-RBA. However, if you have the time to learn and experiment then this atomiser will be your best friend.





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