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SvoëMesto Kayfun 5s Atomizer - 2ml

Prezzo: DKR 885,21
Prezzo IVA esclusa: DKR 708,17
Marca: SvoëMesto
Codice Prodotto: KAYFUN 5S
Max Quantity 1
Disponibilità: In magazzino


SvoëMesto K5 drip tip POM for K5 Drip Tip base - Short Version SvoëMesto K5 drip tip POM for K5 Drip Tip base - Short Version
DKR 36,93 Qtà:
SvoëMesto K5 drip tip POM for K5 Drip Tip base - Long Version SvoëMesto K5 drip tip POM for K5 Drip Tip base - Long Version
DKR 36,93 Qtà:
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DKR 885,21



KAYFUN 5s BY SvoëMesto


It is always time for jubilation when there's news from SvoëMesto.
Why? Because their Kayfun RBA tanks are simply defining for how good an RBA can be.

This new Kayfun V5s is 99% identical to the fabulous V5, except for that tank that is 10mm shorter, thus giving it a nice, compact design.
It will contain 2ml of e-juice, which means that it complies with the European TPD-legislation.

The Kayfun V5s uses the same spare parts as the V5, except for (obviously) the tank which is shorter than the V5.

  • Made of high quality stainless 316L steel.
  • AFC with four settings.
  • Easy juice-fill from the top.
  • Adjustable juice flow.
  • Easy access to the deck without having to empty the tank.
  • Size: Diameter 22mm, height 50mm (without drip tip).

The name Kayfun has long been synonymous with a fantastic vape and amazing craftsmanship.

The Kayfun 4 broke every boundary and moved the world of Rebuildable Atomizers a long step forward when it came to both flavour and vapour production.

When SvoëMesto presented their new flagship RBA, the Kayfun V5, everything had been improved to give you an even more fantastic vaping experience.
This Kayfun V5s gives you the same excellent vaping experience in a more compact tank.

However, even though this is vape-technology at the cutting edge, it is definitely a tank that both the seasoned RBA jockey and the absolute rookie can use and enjoy.


  • Made of high quality stainless 316L steel.
  • Adjustable airflow in 4 increments:
    • 1: 1.8mm (Kayfun LitePlus)
    • 2: 2.2mm (Kayfun 4)
    • 3: 2.7mm (Kayfun 4S)
    • 4: 3.2mm (Largest airhole to date in a Kayfun)
  • Easy juice fills from the top.
  • Adjustable juice flow.
  • Quartz glass tube.
  • Stainless steel tank.
  • Juice capacity: 2ml.
  • Easy access to the deck without having to empty the tank.
  • Two post deck design.
  • PEEK Insulators.
  • 510 drip tip compatible.
  • Insulated stainless steel/POM-C drip tip included.
  • Size: Diameter 22mm, height 50mm (without drip tip).

The Deck:

The deck on the Kayfun V5s is like we expect it from a Kayfun:
Easy to build on and incredibly effective when it comes to making high performing coils.

The deck is now even bigger than on the V4, but still has a two-post design that allows for many different coil set-up's and, as with all Kayfuns, the deck is optimised for use with cotton but you can, of course, use silica etc. as well.

A true innovation is the way you tighten the wires. Two slots have been milled out and you stick your wire under these and then tie them with the screw.

The juice holes into the deck has been expanded to give you an even more dense and tasteful vape.

The deck is accessible without having to empty your tank. This means that you can change or adjust your coils without losing a tankful of e-liquid.

The chamber is reduced and re-designed to provide an even more flavorful vape. Anyone who knows the Kayfun 4 will understand how groundbreaking this is, as the taste from this is already exceptional.

It is however true. You will be surprised! Precisely as you would expect from SvoëMesto.

The AFC (Air Flow Control):

The AFC on the Kayfun V5s has 4 settings based on earlier Kayfun models:

  • 1: 1.8mm (Kayfun LitePlus)
  • 2: 2.2mm (Kayfun 4)
  • 3: 2.7mm (Kayfun 4S)
  • 4: 3.2mm (Largest airhole to date in a Kayfun)

The AFC is easily adjustable. Pull the bottom of the tank up and twist. Slots in the base will then be visible and tell you which setting is chosen.

This is the perfect tank for both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping.

Top filling of the tank:

The Kayfun V5s is filled from the top.
Anyone with even a bit of knowledge about vaping knows what a big thing this is!

Before filling the tank you must close off the juice flow to prevent liquid entering the chamber of the RBA.

Simply remove the top cap by grabbing underneath the drip tip and unscrewing it. Then you fill juice into the holes - but not the middle hole! When the tank is full you simply screw the top cap back on and you are ready to vape on!

The tank will hold 2ml of e-juice, thus complying with the European TPD-legislation.

Then you simply open the juice flow again...and vape on!


The Juice-flow control:

The juice flow is fully adjustable on the Kayfun V5s by simply twisting the bottom of the tank: Grab hold just underneath the glass and turn the piece with the air holes.

This opens or closes the juice channels and allows you to adjust the juice flow to your coil/Ohm/Watt/liquid.

In other words, you can fine tune your vape 100%.
In other words: Pure SvoëMesto brilliance!

*Remember to close the juice flow when filling the tank.

The Kayfun V5s comes with a very thorough user manual in English and German.

The set contains: 

1 x Fully assembled Kayfun V5s.
1 x Quartz Glass tank.
1 x Stainless 316L steel tank (pre-mounted on the Kayfun V5).
1 x Bag with spare post screws, air adjustment screw and O-rings.
User manual (English/German).

*Purchase is for above-listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.






The Kayfun V5s shown with the steel and the Quartz tank mounted.













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