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StattQualm SQuape E[motion] RBA Tank - 2ml - Ø22mm

Price: DKR 1,103.48
Ex Tax: DKR 882.78
Brand: StattQualm
Product Code: NUEVO-Squape E[motion] 2ml
Size: 22 x 22 x 52
Availability: In Stock


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Pink Mule are proud to be a retailer of the highly praised SQuape atomizers from StattQualm.
The SQuape E[motion is a new series of tanks that once again re-defines the RBA (Rebulidable Atomizer) concept. It is full of innovation, raw power and fantastic features and is made from the best possible materials.

This is the compact version with room for 2ml e-juice (also available in a 4.5ml version - sold separately).

  • Sealed off liquid container that can be removed when working on your coils.
  • 2 post RBA deck design. (different deck-designs are sold separately).
  • Ematal/ceramic coated non-conductive deck. Deck design "We" included (single coil).
  • Replacable borosilicate glass tank with separate O-rings.
  • 510 Drip tip: SQuip tip E Short.

It's always a buzz when Swiss vape-boys StattQualm presents a new tank in the brilliant SQuape-series.
This time we are presented with the SQuape E[motion] that might bear a resemblance earlier versions of the SQuape but make no mistake: It is a complete re-designed beauty with a lot of exciting features.


  • Made from high quality stainless 316 steel.
  • Ematal/ceramic coated non-conductive aluminium deck.
  • Sealed off liquid container that can be removed when working on your coils.
  • RBA deck with two goldplated posts.
  • StattQualm recommends using it for coils between 0.7 and 2 Ohm and at a power between 10 and 30Watts.
  • Standard 510 atomizer connection with goldplated adjustable centre post.
  • Adjustable 2 - airhole AFC that can be set exactly to your liking.
  • The top (the colored part) has 3 settings:
    • Closed: Turn it clockwise until you feel resistance. This closes off the juice holes. You can now remove the bottom part and build and/or adjust your coils and wick.
    • Refill: When you want to fill the tank, close off the juice holes, then turn top counter-clockwise. This reveals the fill-holes.
    • Vape: When the tank is full and the coils in place, simply turn counter-clockwise until you feel resistance. The SQuape is now ready for vaping.
  • Capacity: 2 ml (larger 4.5 ml version sold separately).
  • Drip tip: SQuip tip E short. (standard 510 drip tip).
  • Replacable borosilicat glass tank tube with O-rings.
  • Diameter: Aprox. 22 mm.
  • Height: Aprox. 52 mm (without drip tip and 510 connection).

The SQuape E[motion]:

Stattqualm's new E[motion] has taken the best features from former SQWuape tanks.
One of the best (taken from the X[dream]) is the ability to isolate the tank-unit from the deck without having to empty the tank (or balancing it carefully upside down on your desk).
This allows you to adjust or replace your coil and/or wick without having to empty out the e-liquid and will give you the the opportunity to get your coil exactly the way you want it.

The juice is stored securely and 100% leak-proof in the liquid tank/container. You can even stick it in your pocket and take it with you without worring about bathing your trouser pocket in e-juice.
It's a brilliant feature!

When you want to detatch the liquid container, simply twist the black top all the way to the right. This closes off the juice holes and you can now access on the deck for adjustments or new builds.

Amazing decks:

The SQuape E[motion] has a fantastic 2-post deck. 
You need to catch the ends of your wire underneath the screws of each post. A small protruding flange makes this quite easy.
The decks of the SQuape E[motion] are interchangable which means you have the choice of a lot of different coild-builds- and designs.
The deck the tank comes with is a single coil deck called "We".
Other decks can be purchased separately. See under Accessories.

The deck is coated with a non-conductive ceramic Ematal that basically makes short circuits impossible.
This actually makes the 
SQuape E[motion] perfect for beginners as well as experts even if it may seem like a bit of a mouthful for a newbie.
You will be surprised of how easy it is to build upon.

StattQualm recommend that you use the tank for resistances between 0.7-2 Ohm and between 10 - 30Watts.

Versatile AFC:

The AFC (Air Flow Control) will allow you to adjust the airflow exactly to your liking.
From default you'll get a very open direct-lung inhalation but by mounting the reduction screw you get with the tank, you can reduce the AFC to fit a nice mouth-to-lung inhalation.

But if the pull is still not quite perfect for you you can even buy separate reduction screws for even more settings.
In other words: There is NO excuse for not achiving the perfect pull.
Additional reduction screws can be found under Accessories.

Easy top fill:

A brand new design means you do not have to take the tank apart to fill it.

The SQuape E[motion] has a new clever system:

  • First you need to make sure the juice holes are closed. You do this by twisting the black top-part clockwise until you feel a resistance. This means the holes are closed.
  • Then twist counter-clockwise to get access to the two fill-holes.
  • When you have filled the tank, twist the top counter-clockwise until you feel a resistance. The juice holes are now open and you are ready to vape.

Stattqualm has named the settings Closed, Refill and Vape.

Sublime build quality:

The SQuape E[motion] is made from 316 stainless steel with borosicate glass (not to be confused with ordinary pyrex!)
The non-conductive Ematal coating, the goldplated brass posts, fully adjustable gold plated brass 510 connection and nbr 70 shore O-ringe proves StattQualm's determination to only use the best materials for their tank atomizers.

All in all we must once again that Schwiz RBA-tanks are like their watches: Best in the world!

The box contains:

  • 1 x SQuape E[motion] 2ml atomizer.
  • 1 x 510 SQuip tip E short (Drip tip).
  • 1 x AFC reduction screw (MTL 1.6mm)
  • Extra festoon screws and O-rings.


*Purchase is for the SQuape E[motion]  only. Other items are shown as inspiration.

As with all rebuildable atomisers, the SQuape E[motion]  atomiser is an advanced user device which will require the willingness to experiment for you to get the best out of it to achieve your own unique vaping style. Please do some research prior to purchase in order to understand what's required to build and use the SQuape. We strongly recommend you test any coils you produce with a multimeter before using to avoid risk of damaging your battery. Return requests for any reason other than a genuine manufacturing fault will not be accepted.














To the left SQuape E[motion] 2ml and to the right SQuape E[motion] 4.5ml



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