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About the kits:

A typical starter kit will contain:

2 batteries, the ecigs.
Atomizer/eliquid container.

If you need to compare to smoking and cigarettes:

  • Battery = 1 cigarette filter (tube) without tobacco.

The battery itself is your ecigarette. These batteries comes in a variety of colors and with different patterns. It is the battery that delivers the opwer to your atomiser.

  • Eliquid container = lighter.

The atomisers comes in many different shapes and sizes, but all with the same purpose: To evaporate your eliquid. They all contain one or more coils that heat up, when you screw them onto your battery and activate it.
The coil heats up and turns your eliquid into vapor.

  • Vapor/eliquid = The tobacco you would put into your empty cigarette filter.

The eliquid in your atomiser now becomes your "tobacco" - The liquid that gives your taste and vapor produces by the coils.

About the batteries:
mAh and Voltage:

All batteries have practically the same power thus giving the same effect to your vaping (3.7 Volt).

Batteries are available in various sizes and their size is proportional to how long they last on one charge (mAh, milliamps hours). A battery of 750 mAh will only last just over half of a 1300 mAh before needing to be recharged.

There is no difference between the power of e.g. at 750 mAh battery and a 1300 mAh battery. The only difference is how long each last before it needs to be charged. A small battery supplies the same power as a larger one, but last shorter between charges.

Most batteries have an activation button to turn it on and off by rapidly pressing a button 3-5 times.
The activation button must be enabled and pressed gently while vaping.


About atomizers/eliquid containers:

This is the container to be filled with e-liquid. 
Atomisers can be built in different ways and have very different appearance, but common to all is that they contain a heating wire/coil which vaporizes your e-liquid when you have activate your battery.
There are various ways to fill the different atomisers with e-liquid. See details on the product/video instructions (top right of the black bar).

About the connection/thread:

More than 90% og all ecigs and atomisers have the same kind of thread. This means that they can be used widely. The standard connections are called Ego, Ego-T and theres is also 510 thread.

The difference between the Ego and the 510 thread is that the Ego atomisers have a sleeve that covers the threads. This is strictly cosmetic, and you will be able to use both kinds.


The more nicotine it contains it will generate that bigger throat hit resembling smoking.
Nicotine is instrumental in meeting the needs you have for this substance as if you are/were smoking.  
As a general rule, you should have about 1 mg (milligram) of nicotine in your fluid for every cigarette you would like to have (if you were used to smoking between 10-15 cigarettes, use 11-16 mg of eliquid).
However, never use above 24 mg.

About the charger:

Screw your battery into the threaded end (while your atomiser is removed). It can also be plugged directly into a PC USB port or to a wall charger/adapter. The latter charges a little faster. You will need least one USB charger.

The above is a general guide that can be used to charge different types etc. but for each case there will be instructions.


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