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SS Wire Rope 3.0mm 7 X 19 - 1m

Price: DKR 12.91
Ex Tax: DKR 10.33
Product Code: ROPE7X193.0
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SS WIRE ROPE 3.0 MM 7 X 19

This wire rope is of high quality made from 316 marine grade stainless steel.

  • Rope construction is 7x19 meaning it has 7 strands and each strand is made up of 19 individual pieces of wire
  • The price shown is for 1m of rope
  • 3.0mm diameter (2500 micron or 8.5 AWG)
  • Great wicking capability.

*Due to the nature of this wire rope a pair of cutters will be required to cut it to your desired length for your atomiser.






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