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Shipping inside UE

If there are shipping options it will appear before you confirm your order. You will need to pay VAT for freight with courier.

Shipping times:

Typically your order will be processed and shipped same weekday as you place your order, if it is placed before 2 p.m.

Shipping is available to postal addresses. Not to pack shops.


You will recieve a tracking number when your order is shipped. It can take up to 15 hours before it is trackable via the link.

Delivery for you:

*When you get a delivery from you can not make a comment to your order as to where you would like them to place your packet.
You need to sign for the delivery, so it is impossible for
to leave without a signature.

  • Delivery method:
    will try to deliver the packet to the address given by you.
    If you are not at home you will recieve a note from in your mailbox telling you that they have tried to deliver the package, and also where you can pick it up.
    In most zones they will try to deliver the package 2 times.
    After that they will place your package at a nearby pack shop for you to pick it up.
  • Delivering to a neighbour etc:
    Will in some countries try to deliver the package to a neighbour in return for a receipt.
    This is done as a service to you so you do not have to go to a pack shop.
  • Blocks with locked front door or similar:
    If you live in a block with a locked front door or similar where the driver will not be able to deliver a message to your mailbox will in most cases try to call you to schedule a new time for the delivery.
    In this case it is important that you yourself keeps track of the package to see if the package have been tried delivered, and where it has been placed for you to pick it up.
  • Alternative delivery address:
    If you already know that you will not be home during the day, ot that will not be able to ring your door, or deliver a message to your mailbox, you can try to find an alternative delivery address where there will be someone home to recieve the package.
  • Written authority:
    You can also print out a written authority if you know that you will not be at home when arrives. This needs to be clearly visible on your door or mailbox.
      will deliver the package and take the written authority with them as this now counts as a receipt that you have been given your package.
    If the package gets stolen or damaged after that it will be your own responsibility.

Here you can download a written authority for

Packages that can not be delivered:
-If you have a package that can not be delivered, you will get a reminder to go pick it up. If you fail to pick it up within 3 weeks the package will be returned to Pink Mule.
-If you by mistake have given a wrong or not correct filled adress, the order will return to Pink Mule after around 3 weeks.
When a parcel returns to Pink Mule because it cannot be delivered to you, you can get the order credited to your Pink Mule account or being credited to the payment method you chosed when making the order. Your refund will be deducted with the postage cost, as it already paid by Pink Mule.
In this case we will not charge you extra fees for packaging etc.

Delivery to other address that is not your own:
Please notice that you can get a package delivered to another address than your own (not a pack shop), if you know that you will not be at home at the time of the delivery by .
This can be at your work place or the address of a good friend.
Just indicate a different delivery addres when placing your order.


          Shipping by the Postal service (Track and Trace):

In some countries it is possible to choose to get a delivery by the postal service with a tracking number (recommended - Track &Trace - T&T). It will be indicated if you have this option when you place your order. The opportunity will, for most countries, be limited if you have ordered loose batteries, AW, Efest etc used for Mods.
ecig batteries as ego etc where the battery is included in the ecigaret is allowed.


Standard post without Track and Trace, only apply to a few countries and without loose batteries, AW Efest etc which are used in Mods:

If your shipment weighs less than 100g you will for some countries get an option to choose shipping by the postal servide without a tracking number. This is however entirely at your own risk. The price for standard post is 16,33 incl. VAT.
If you choos the postal service you need to understand that is is entirely at your own risk.

  • You bear any risk of recieving the package.
  • Pink Mule does not guarantee your shipment, and we will not be able to seek any lost or delayed deliveries as it is sent "not registred".
  • You have to contact the postal service if your shipment is delayed, or have not been delivered. We can not and do not have the possibility to help.

Shipping time will typically be 3-10 days. In some cases it can take longer.



Support: +34 9246520 75 / +349246520 72
Or we can call you. Please  write your telephone no:

(Remember your country code: 0047 xxxxx)

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