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Sense Herakles SubOhm RBA/RTA Tank - 6ml - Ø24.7mm - Black

Preço: DKR 348.75
Sem impostos: DKR 279.00
Marca: Andre
Código do produto: TNKF32
Tamanho: 24.7 x 24.7 x 67.4
Disponibilidade: Em estoque


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DKR 348.75



serious DIY quality!

First it was the Herakles and Cyclone subohm tanks that rocked the boat as to what was possible when it comes to subohm vaping with replacable coils.
Now the guys from Sense presents the Herakles RTA tank. With a diameter of 25mm, 6ml juice capacity, juice flow control, amazing and complex AFC, and a Velocity-style deck the size of Texas. 
In other words: They are ready to revolutionise the RBA arena as well!


  • Made from stainless steel and pyrex glass.
  • Large Velocity-style RBA-deck.
  • Juice capacity: Aprox. 6ml.
  • Easy top-fill.
  • Size: Diameter 24.7 mm, Højde 67.4 mm. (including 510 connection and driptip).

The Sense herakles RTA is an RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) and not a tank for use with ready made coils like the Cyclone and the "old" Herakles.
This makes it a bit more labour intensive but at the same time it gives you the possibility to build the coil exactly the way you want it and therefore shape the vape-experience to perfection.



  • Material: Stainless steel and pyrex tank tube.
  • Laser engraved logo.
  • Self adjusting copper 510 connection.
  • Wide bore drip tip.
  • 510 drip tip adapter.
  • 6ml juice capacity.
  • Easy juice top fill system.
  • Generous AFC (Air Flow Control) with four 2mm x 7mm airslots.
  • Adjustable juice flow.
  • Large Velocity-style RBA deck with 2.5mm wire holes.
  • RBA deck has four large airholes of aprox. 3mm x 4.5mm.
  • PEEK insulators.
  • Size: diameter 22 mm, height 48.5 mm. (without 510 connection and driptip).

Amazing deck:

The deck is a two-post Velocity style design with four large 2.5mm wire-holes. The large holes and the size of the deck makes it very easy to build on and you can really let yourself go and do all kinds of crazy and wonderful coil set-up's.
The deck features a quite unique four hole 3mm x 4.5mm airflow design where two holes goes beneath your coil and the other two is  placed underneath the posts for a fantastic indirect airflow.
The bottom line: You get a massive airflow!

When wicking your coil, avoid stacking the cotton in the juice canals. It's all a matter of finding the perfect setting and that might take a bit of time and testing, but when you do, we guarantee your bells will ring!

Easy top fill:

You simply grab the top of the pyrex glass tube and twist it. This will close your juice flow. Then close the AFC.
Now grab underneath the drip tip twis off the whole top cap. You'll then see two large fill holes.

Once you have filled in your e-liquid, simply reverse the procedure to close your tank and you're ready to vape on!

Juice flow control:

The brilliant juice flow adjustment system allow you to set up the tank to precisely the e-juice you are using, whether it's a thin PG-heavy liquid or a thicker VG-based juice.
This is clever indeed!
Note: Always remember to make sure the juice holes to the wick are open when vaping.

Airflow Control:

The AFC is easily adjustable and the four large airslots are definitely designed with the serious subohm vaper in mind. You will not be able to set it for mouth-to-lung inhalation.
The Herakles RTA is made for huge clouds!

Drip tip and spares:

The Herakles RTA comes with a widebore drip tip that is screwed on to the top cap.
If you want to use another drip tip it comes with a 510 adapter that can be screwed on instead and this will allow you to use any 510 tip.

You also get a whole lot of extras with the tank:
A spare pyrex tube, spare O-rings and post screws, a spare copper screw for the 510 connection, an allen key and finally a small flatnose screwdriver.

The bottom line:

The Herakles RTA is definately one of the best and most versatile RBA's to date. The huge deck, the complex airflow and the general quality simply speaks for itself.

The serious DIY vaper will not be dissapointed!


Purchase is for:

1 x Sense Herakles RTA tank.
1 x Spare Pyrex tank tube.
1 x Widebore Delrin drip tip.
1 x 510 drip tip adapter.
1 x Allen key.
1 x Flat nose screwdriver.
Bag with spare screws, spare 510 copper pole and spare O-rings.

Please remember to wash the atomizer thoroughly before use.

*Purchase is for above listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.






The Herakles RTA is also available in Steel.






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