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No thanks to clones

Pink Mules "No Clone" policy:

Pink Mule has always had a lot of respect for the people who do a great job of developing, designing and coming up with new ecigarets, Mods, Atomisers, etc. we as vapers can enjoy.

This applies to all.
Pink Mule would especially like to support the entuisiastiske people who think out of the box and puts a lot of money and effort into developing something special - and not mass produced.

Unfortunately it does not take long before a new idea or a new product has been cloned (mostly by Chinese manufacturers). This causes the designer and developer to not sell enough of their original product to cover their expenses and then they will stop developing new things. This is a shame.


Usually there is nothing wrong with the quality of the clones that can be purchased. "The Clone factories" have their production ready and the material to make 1:1 copies, but have saved a lot of money on the cost of development.

It is understandable that many are buying clones as the originals are a lot more expensive.

At Pink Mule we know all about how skilled the Chinese manufacturers are. We as vapers would not have gotten far, if we had not had the effective and innovative Chinese ecig manufacturers.

But we also believe that with all the skill, experience and engineering expertise the chinese have, that it should not be necessary for them to make 1:1 copies of new products developed by enthusiastic developers. Most often even using the logo of the modder. Pink Mule will not support this.

There can be borderline cases where a part of a product is a copy and we, in principle, think this is ok since in such cases this can be a general innovative progress. But 1:1 clones with the logo of the modder are nowhere to be found at Pink Mule.


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