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Limitless RDTA Gold Tank Ø25mm

Price: DKR 295.00
Ex Tax: DKR 236.00
Brand: iJoy
Product Code: limitless rdta gold
Size: 25 x 25 x 70
Availability: In Stock


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air from all sides

Limitless has enjoyed huge success with their Limitless RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) series.
However, there is always room for improvement and this Limitless RDTA Gold really is the best one yet.

The new things are a re-designed airflow where air hit's your coils from below and from the sides, and a clever silicone plug, that makes the tank literally leak-proof.
The 2 post deck makes home-building easy, but more decks are underway, so you can get exactly the set-up you desire.

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control) from the bottom and the sides.
  • Capacity: 4.75ml e-juice.
  • Easy side-fill.
  • Size: diameter 25 mm, height 70 mm. (including drip tip and 510 connection)

The Limitless Gold RDTA is a study in efficiency and versatility.
If you liked the earlier models, you will love the Limitless Gold RDTA.


  • Material: Stainless steel and pyrex tank tube.
  • Laser engraved logo.
  • Goldplated replaceable decks (new designs are underway).
  • Adjustable gold plated 510 connection.
  • Wide bore drip tip (you cannot use 510 drip tips).
  • 4.75ml juice capacity.
  • Tank filled from the side.
  • Generous, adjustable AFC (Air Flow Control) from the bottom and sides.
  • Dual coil set-up only.
  • PEEK insulator.
  • Size: diameter 25 mm, height 70 mm. (including drip tip and 510 connection).

Tank capacity and side-fill:

The Limitless RDTA Goldis made from stainless steel and has a pyrex glass tank.
You can choose between a black and a gold coloured finish, so get the one that fits your style.

Like the earlier models, you can switch the deck of the Limitless Gold RDTA.
Limitless is right now working on different designs that you will be able to put in the tank. That way you can "design" the tank to fit your needs and wishes 100%.
Note that the Limitless Gold RDTA is designed for dual coil only.

The tank will hold 4.75ml of e-juice and is easily filled from the side:
Pull up the top cap to reveal a small silicone plug that is blocking the fill hole. Remove it to fill the tank.
Once the tank is full, put the plug back in place and push the top cap back down.
You are now ready to vape on!

You get a spare pyrex glass tube in the package, so you have a spare if one should break.

The drip tip:

The Limitless Gold RDTA has a wide bore drip tip that is actually a sort of sleeve that is pushed over the top cap.
You cannot use 510 drip tips on the tank.

The AFC:

The AFC (Air Flow Control) works two ways:
You get 4 triangular holes on the side, and 6 holes at the bottom of the tank as well.
This design means your coils will get air from below as well as from the sides. The result is a vape that is as huge as it is flavourful.

The Wicking:

When wicking the coil and filling the cotton through the large wick-holes, please remember that you have to leave room for air on the outside of the wick.
A good idea is to unscrew the metal top of the tank, mount and adjust your wicks and the screw the top back on.
To get the best juice flow avoid letting your wicks hit the bottom of the tank.

As with any RBA it might take some time to find the perfect build(s) but don't worry, because, with a bit of practice, you'll soon get it right and get a coil that is second to none when it comes to performance and taste.

Cleaning and maintenance:

At the bottom of the tank, you'll get a 510 connection with an agoldplated screw, and you can of course take the tank apart for maintenance and cleaning.

Please note that the pyrex glass tube can be a bit difficult to get off because of the two O-rings keeping it tight to the bottom of the tank.
The best way to loosen it is to grab the metal underneath the glass, grab the glass and carefully twist it off in order to not hit the bottom of the deck.

The Limitless Gold RDTA is a truly versatile vape-experience that will allow you to try many different kinds of vaping.
We guarantee that you will find one (or more) perfect set-up for you.


The purchase is for:

1 x Limitless Gold RDTA tank.
1 x Spare pyrex glass.
1 x Widebore drip tip.
1 x Spare silicone plug for the fill hole.
4 x Spare screws. 
Spare set of O-rings.

*Please remember to wash the atomizer thoroughly before use.

**Purchase is for above-listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.

What is “Sub Ohm”?

The short version is that sub ohm is vaping on a coil with a resistance lower than 1.0 Ohm.
Ohm is the resistance of the wire in your coil.

What do you need to know when you want to vape sub ohm?
First of all, you need to get batteries that are strong enough for sub ohm as it requires a lot of Amps (Amps denote the power of a battery, mAh tells you how long a battery can run before it needs recharging).
If you use a mechanical (mech) Mod, which is an e-cigarette without any form of electronics, it is pivotal that you know what you are doing as a mech Mod does not have any safety-features that can stop accidents from happening

To determine the correct battery/coil set up on a mech Mod, you need to know and understand Ohm’s Law.
A sub ohm coil will usually require more power (Wattage/Voltage) than a coil with a higher Ohm, especially if you go below 0.5 Ohm.

Sub ohm will usually give you a hotter and more powerful vapour,  which might not be what you are looking for if you are a “regular vaper”.
However, if you like a plentiful and powerful vape, sub ohm is probably right for you.

When vaping sub ohm, you will normally use “Direct Lung inhalation” where you suck the vape directly into your lungs as opposed to more “cigarette-like” vaping where you suck the vapour into your mouth and then make a second inhalation to get it into your lungs.
Direct Lung inhalation takes a bit of practice and is not right for everyone but a lot of vapers love it when they have got used to it.

Another difference between sub ohm and “regular” vaping is that when you vape sub ohm the amount of e-liquid you use will often increase, simply because more power will vaporise more e-juice.


The Limitless RDTA Gold in two beautiful colours.






You can close off the side AFC and only get air from the bottom.















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