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Keystone Battery Compartment for two 18650 batteries

Price: DKR 61.25
Ex Tax: DKR 49.00
Brand: Andre
Product Code: keystone Battery Sled
Size: 86 x 39.8 x 14
Availability: In Stock


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DKR 61.25
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DIY double battery compartment

When you have slaved and sweated making your own super-Mod you'll obviously need to put batteries in the monster.
If you want a dual 18650 battery set-up look no further than this high quality Keystone double battery compartment.

  • For two18650 batteries.
  • Seriel or parallel battery set-up.
  • Goldplated poles.
  • Made from heat resistant nylon-
  • Size: Length aprox. 86mm (77.1mm without solding plates) Width aprox. 39.8mm, Height aprox. 15mm.

As a serious home Modder you are part of the elite of vapers.
The chosen few for whom twisting your own coils simply aren't enough.
You want DIY every aspect of the vape experience to ensure you get exactly the vape you want.

Pink Mule applaude your decision and your skills and offer you this excellent Keystone double battery compartment for two 18650 batteries.
It's up to you if you want them in a parallel or a seriel set-up as you can connect the poles by using the solder collar extending from each slot in both ends.

The poles are made from goldplated stainless steel for maximum conductivity and the compartment itself is made from heat resistant nylon.
On the back side there is two fsatening clamps that you can press in two holes in a plate in your Mod to fasten the compartment. If you choose to fasten it in another way, the clamps can be removed.


Purchase is for:

1 x Keystone Battery compartment for 2 18650 batteries.







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