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Joyetech eGo One CLR VT (Rebuildable) Ti (Titanium) Coils - 0.5 Ohm - 1 pcs

Price: DKR 29.00
Ex Tax: DKR 23.20
Brand: Joyetech
Product Code: CLRTi
Size: 40 x 20 x 1.5
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Ni200 Low Resistance Tempered Nickel Wire- 0.20, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.32, 0.40mm - 10m Ni200 Low Resistance Tempered Nickel Wire- 0.20, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.32, 0.40mm - 10m
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Titanium Wire 0.40mm (AWG26) - 10m Titanium Wire 0.40mm (AWG26) - 10m DKR 61.98 Qty:
Titanium Wire 0.32mm (AWG28) - 10m Titanium Wire 0.32mm (AWG28) - 10m DKR 56.82 Qty:
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DKR 29.00
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Joyetech presents a RBA (rebuildable) coil for the eGo ONE tanks. It comes prebuilt with a 0.5Ohm titanium wire.

  • Replacable CLR(rebuildable) Titanium coil.
  • Pre-build 0.5 Ohm coil.
  • Recommended operation temperature: 230-260℃(450-500˚F)
  • Wick made of 100% Organic Cotton.

Joyetech has really thought about everything when designing this CLR (Rebuildable) coil.

It comes ready to use with a 0.5 Ohm titanium coil and a wick made from organic cotton.
When it is time to refresh it, you simply remove the cotton, dry-burn the coil and put new cotton into it...then you're ready to vape on!

Note that this coil only works with a temperature controlled Mod, prefably one that has a Titanium-mode, like the Evic-VT. You can use it on other Temp. Control Mods without Titanium-mode, but will then have to account for a mireading of the temperature of aprox. 32°C.

If you prefer to make your own coil from cratch, you can change the wire as well and thereby get exactly the vape-experience you like.

The coil also features an adjustable juice-flow control that will allow you to use thicker e-liquids like pure VG.



Purchase is for:

  • 1 x CLR (rebuildable) 0.5Ohm Titanium coil that will fit all eGo ONE tanks.


Note. The video shows how to set up the coil.



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