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Joyetech BF RBA Coil for Cubis/AIO/Egrip2

Price: DKR 39.00
Ex Tax: DKR 31.20
Brand: Joyetech
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rba in a cup!

Even though the ready made coils for the Cubis/AIO and Egrip 2 are amazing, Joyetech still gives you the chance to make your own (and perhaps even better?) RBA coils.

This RBA unit/coil is easily mounted in your tank the same way as a replacable coil.

You can build vertical or horizontal set-ups.
It's a good idea to play around with the different options. The videos in the lower right hand corner demonstrates the different set-ups.

With the RBA unit you get an extended vent pipe for mounting on your Cubis/AIO/eGrip 2 if you want to build horizontal coils. The long pipe will put the chimney closer to your coil.
You mount it by unscrewing the shorter pipe and screwing the extended in instead.





  • Made from stainless steel.
  • 100% Organic Japanese cotton.
  • Pre-spun horizontal and vertical coils.
    • Recommended Watt for horizontal coil: 25 - 50Watt.
    • Recommended Watt for vertical coil: 25 - 70Watt. (pre-mounted in the coil).
  • Extended vent pipe.
  • Size: diameter: 12mm, height 16.5mm.


Purchase is for:
1 x RBA base for the Cubis/AIO/Egrip 2 tanks.
1 x Pre-spun vertical coil of 0.5 Ohm.
1 x Pre-spun horizontal coil of 0.5 Ohm (pre-mounted in the coil).
1 x Extended vent pipe.
2 x Silicone rings for the vent pipe.

1 x Spare screws.
1 x screwdriver (cross hair).
A piece of 100% Organic Japanese cotton.

*When you make your own coil it is pivotal to measure your ohm's before you use the coil.
You can use an ohm meter like this one.

**Please make sure that your e-cigarette can handle subohm if you use coils of lower than aprox 1.0 Ohm.










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