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Ismoka Eleaf iCare2 Pod kit 650mAh 2ml

Price: DKR 146.25
Ex Tax: DKR 117.00
Brand: Ismoka Eleaf
Product Code: Eleaf iCare 2
Size: 31 x 13 x 86
Availability: In Stock


Ismoka Eleaf iCare IC Coil - 1.1 Ohm - 5 pcs Ismoka Eleaf iCare IC Coil - 1.1 Ohm - 5 pcs DKR 86.25 Qty:
Wall Adaptor - USB 220V Wall Adaptor - USB 220V DKR 41.32 Qty:
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DKR 146.25
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compact and easy to use pod kit

8.6 cm...that's all it takes to reach Pocket-vaping Nirvana!
This little darling got a tank in the top and a fire in its belly.

The iCare2 POD kit has a really nice Firebutton and a tank/coil unit that's cleverly hidden in the Mod.
It's the perfect solution for any vaper, veteran or newbie, who wants something easy, small and un-complicated for taking with them on the road.

So you see: 8.6 cm IS all it takes to be "The perfect pocket-vaper".

  • 650 mAh battery,
  • Ultra compact "tank in Mod" design.
  • Nice rubber grip.
  • Juice capacity: 2 ml.
  • Size - L: 31mm x W: 13mm x H: 86mm.

The iCare 2 is the perfect vape-the-size-of-a-penny.
It is exactly what you want if you need a solid and tasty no-nonsense vape on the go.


  • 650 mAh internal li-ion battery (charged via micro USB).
  • Max output: 15 Watt on a full battery.
  • 5 click on-off on the Fire button.
  • Passthrough: Vape-while-charging feature.
  • The built-in tank will hold approx 2ml e-juice.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Juice window lets you keep an eye on the juice level.
  • The tank is made from plastic. (Not for use with menthol etc).
  • Cut-outs lets you keep an eye on the juice level.
  • Uses IC coils of 1.1 or 1.3Ohm.
  • IC coils work best if you have a juice with less than 60% VG due to relatively small juice holes.
  • LED indicators show battery level:
    • Green 100-60%
    • Orange 59-30%
    • Blue 29-10%
    • Red 9-0% (Charging needed).
  • Size - L: 31mm x W: 13mm x H: 86mm.

The iCare 2 has a nice Fire button on the side that is used for both vaping as well as turning the Mod on and off (5 quick clicks).
This means there is no risk of the Mod firing in your pocket.
-but why would you put it there in the first place? The rubber grip makes it a pleasure to hold in your hand.

To keep the size at an absolute minimum, the battery is "only" 650mAh. While this may not be suitable for long hikes in the Scottish Highlands, it certainly is the perfect size for a shopping trip.

The iCare has a removable tank. Simply grab the tank at the two cut-outs and pull up.
The tank is made from plastic (which means not suitable for liquids like menthol, cola etc) and is kept in place by magnets,

When you need to fill the tank, simply pull it out of the Mod and remove the mouthpiece. You then get access to three holes. Fill your liquid in one of the two holes at the side -but not the middle hole, and pop the mouthpiece back on.

The iCare 2 comes with two 1.3 Ohm IC coils that are perfect for use between 5 - 15 Watts, but Eleaf has made it compatible with the 1.1 Ohm coils, used by the first iCare. Use these if you want a bit more vapour.

You change the coil by pulling out the tank and removing the bottom. You can now unscrew the used coil and screw the new in place. Then pop the bottom of the tank back on and put the tank back in the Mod.
When mounting a new coil, let the iCare 2 rest with a full tank for 10-15 minutes. This ensures that the wick in the coil is fully saturated.
Failure to do so might result in the wick dry-burning and the coil will then be ruined.
note: You might experience a bit of gurgling when you have filled the tank. This has no impact on the performance and will disappear after 2-3 long pulls.

See? We TOLD you that the iCare 2 is not only compact: It is super-easy to use as well.
-however, there is no harm done by checking out the video at the lower righthand corner in order to see the Mod in operation.

The iCare 2 has a LED battery level indicator in the Fire button:

  • Green 100-60%
  • Orange 59-30%
  • Blue 29-10%
  • Red 9-0% (Charging needed).

You charge the iCare 2 with the Micro-USB cable provided, either from your computer or from a 1 Amp wall charger (sold separately) and you can vape while it is charging.

In other words:
If you want a compact, easy-to-use and nice to handle e-cigarette, the iCare 2 is an obvious choice!

The purchase is for:

1 x iCare 2 650mAh.
2 x IC 1.3Ohm Coils.
1 x USB charging cable.
1 x User manual.


The Eleaf iCare2 POD Kit in 6 beautiful colours.











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