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Innokin Ares RTA Tank Ø24mm

Price: DKR 228.75
Ex Tax: DKR 183.00
Brand: Innokin
Product Code: Innokin Ares RTA-
Size: 24 x 24 x 55
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fantastic flavour - easy to build

Innokin has been working with Youtube personalities Phil Busardo and VapinGreek to design an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer): A tank with three different focus areas:

Fantastic Flavour

Excellent option for MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhalation and

A single coil deck that is extremely easy to build on -even for absolute RBA beginners.

If you want a tank with

  • Room for 5 ml of e-juice.
  • Fully adjustable bottom airflow with focus on MTL-inhalation.
  • Small bell-shaped chamber for intense flavour production.
  • Easy top-fill.

-then the Ares is the tank for you.

The Ares RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a rebuildable tank where you build your own coil and wick.
This is a bit more laborious than using ready-made coils but it allows you to get exactly the vape-experience you want -and to change it if you so desire.


  • Materials: Stainless steel and pyrex glass tank.
  • Laser engraved logo.
  • Goldplated 510 connection.
  • 2 standard 510 Delrin drip tips
  • Pyrex tank with a 5ml capacity. 
  • Easy top-fill.
  • Bottom AFC (Air Flow Control) with 4 holes that can be set to anything from fully open to quite tight.
  • Single coil builds only.
  • 2-post RBA deck.
  • Size: diameter 24 mm base, height 44 mm. (without drip tip and 510 connection).

The Ares RTA:

The Ares MTL RTA has been designed by two true and tested vape-veterans that you might know from Youtube: Phil Busardo (the man with the perfect tan), and VapinGreek.
The concept has been to create a tank with fantastic flavour and a focus on MTL-vaping (even though you can actually use it for Direct-Lung inhalation as well), but also to make it so easy to build that it is the perfect place to start if you want to start building your own coils.

The tank is made from stainless steel and pyrex glass and will hold 5ml e-juice.
You get an extra (coloured) pyrex tank in the box so you can replace the original if it breaks (or you just want to change the colour).
You get two spare sets of O-rings, a green and a white set. This will allow you to match the tank to your shirt, your tie or the colour of your toothbrush.

The tank comes with two 510 drip tips. One straight, one curved and both made from nice Delrin plastic.

The deck:

The deck of the Ares are raised so it is situated in the middle of the tank (not at the bottom). This ensures a very short distance from your coil to your drip tip which then again will provide a very intense flavour from your e-juice.

The deck is made for single coil builds only and the clever design where the legs of your coil are placed in slots and then tightened by a screw, makes the Ares very, very easy to build -even if you are a complete RBA-beginner.
Note: When wicking the coil, put a little bit of juice on the cotton and make sure it fits the holes on the sides of the deck and not gets caught in the threads when you put the tank back together.

You get two pre-spun coils and a pad of 100% organic cotton in the box, but also 1 meter of 0.40mm kanthal wire and two coil jig's as well.
One of the jigs are designed to make coils with a distance between the wraps, the other is for traditional micro coils.

The air intake is placed between the two posts. It has been designed with a lot of small holes (instead of a single big one), in order to ensure a 100% even airflow to the surface of your coil. This again ensures a fantastic flavour.

Easy to fill:

Find the arrow on the top cap and push the cap forward. This exposes the fill-hole.
Fill up the tank with 5ml of your best brew, push the top cap back in place...and you're ready to vape on.

The Airflow Control:

The AFC allows you to set your pull exactly as you like it.
It has been designed with 4 holes in different sizes, and you can set it all the way from fully open to "tight as a pin-hole".
Especially for people who prefer an MTL-inhalation, the AFC will be a pleasurable surprise. Rarely have we seen an RTA with so much focus on a tighter draw.

The bottom line:

If you want to start building your own coils, the Ares is the tank for you. It is easy to build, even for a beginner.
If your focus is as much on good flavour as it is on the amount of vapour, the Ares, with its bell-shaped deck in the middle of the tank), will be perfect for you.
-and finally: If you enjoy a solid MTL-vape, it's a total no-brainer as well.

One thing is certain:
The Ares has definitely carved out its place in the vaping landscape of today!

The purchase is for:

1 x Ares RTA tank.
1 x Spare coloured Pyrex glass tank.
2 x Standard 510 Delrin drip tips.
4 x O-rings, 2 white and 2 green.
2 x pre-spun coils.
1m kanthal wire 0.40mm.
1 x Pad of 100% organic cotton.
1 x Flathead/crosshair screwdriver.
2 x Spare post screws.
User manual.

Please remember to wash the atomizer thoroughly before use.

*Purchase is for above-listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration


The Innokin Ares RTA in Black and Steel finish.





















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