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Youde Goblin Mini - Spare Tank Tube - 3 colours

Preço: DKR 48.00
Sem impostos: DKR 38.40
Marca: UD Youde Technology
Código do produto: UDGOBMIN
Tamanho: 22 x 22 x 30
Disponibilidade: Em estoque

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We know you love your Goblin Mini for its compact size, its high performance and not least because it gives you ample opportunity to adjust your set up precisely the way you prefer it.
Now you can change the colour too!

  • Pyrex tank.
  • Pyrex drip tip.

This coloured spare tank tubes for the Goblin Mini is made of pyrex glass so feel free to choose any e-liquid you want.
It comes with a drip tip in the same colour, also in pyrex.

Then you can dress up your Goblin Mini to match your mood, your shirt...or perhaps your shower hat!

The tank tube is available in two additional colours, sold separately.


  • Spare coloured tank tube for the Goblin Mini. Made from pyrex glass.
  • Matching drip tip in pyrex.


Purchase is for:

1 x Spare colour pyrex tank tube.
1 x Pyrex drip tip (not 510 compatible).


*Purchase is for above listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.





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