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Atomizer Head For Vivi Nova By Pink Mule 1.8 Ohms

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Brand: Andre
Product Code: AT087
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You can take the tank completely apart, which makes it easy to clean and replace the atomizer (the burner) when it is worn out or you simply want a new one, e.g. with a different flavour.

Unscrew... screw back on:

When you want to fill the tank, you simply unscrew the whole top and fill the tank to the mark.
When you want to replace the atomizer, simply unscrew the top, unscrew the old atomizer and attach a new one.

NOTE: What you buy here is one of the loose atomizer heads which is available with different ohms depending on the e-cigarette you are using and how strong you want your vapour.

For normal ego batteries you can use 1.8 and 2.4 ohms. (Please note that the lower the ohms, the sooner you will use up your atomizer. BUT it is good while it lasts.)

For variable voltage we recommend you increase the ohms and choose 2.4 or 2.8 ohms.







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