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Kanger Nebox Sæt (TC) 60W - Blue

Prezzo: DKR 555,00
Prezzo IVA esclusa: DKR 444,00
Marca: KangerTech
Codice Prodotto: NeBox Azul
Dimensione: 58 x 23 x 100.6
Disponibilità: In magazzino



a fistful of everything

Nebox from Kanger is not just "another SubOhm set". It is a re-thinking of the  whole concept Mod-and-Tank.
So what's new? You get everything in one powerful and compact fistfull!

  • Power: 7W - 60W.
  • Unique compact all-in-one design.
  • Tank capacity: 10ml.
  • Temperature Control: 100-300°C / 200-600°F
  • Features both Nickel and Titanium Mode in TC-control.
  • Measurements: Aprox. 86,3mm x 58mm x 23mm. (Height 100.6mm w. drip tip).

Nebox has everything you need in one compact box: Humongus tank and muscles in abundance.

Biggest tank ever:

The Nebox has a tank capacity of a massive 10 ml! That is beyond anything we have seen before.

Kanger is known for their excellent tanks, but this is extreme. It's a flask!

Even though the tank is big, the built-in design makes it compact as well. It's truly the best of two worlds!
With a tank this size there is no way you're gona run out of liquid during the day, even if you SUbOhm like a madman.

The tank is easy to fill. Simply turn the Nebox upside down, unscrew the bottom and pour the juice in. Then you screw the bottom back on (this is also how you change the coil), and you're ready to puff away.

Note: The tank is made from plastic so avoid strong menthol, aniseed, licorice etc.

Wattage or Temperatur:

The Kanger Nebox has 60W of muscles under the hood so there is plenty of room for solid SubOhm.
The box has 6 pre-set settings from M1 to M6.
M1 and M2 are Nickel Modes, M3 and M4 are Titanium Modes and M5 and M6 are for kanthal wire in Wattage mode.
You change between the modes by pressing Fire 3 times, select the mode via the plus and minus buttons and lock the setting by pressing Fire.
This lets you switch between Temp. Control and Watt-mode.

You can switch between Celcius and Farenheit by pressing and holding the minus button in Temp. Control mode.

Exthernal Battery:

The Nebox uses a single 18650 flat top battery (sold separately). It is recommended that you use a battery of at least 20 Amp.
The battery can be charged in the box and with the Passthrough feature you'll never have to miss a puff again.

Pre-made coils or RBA:

The Nebox set comes with two pre-made coils: 
A nickel NiOCC coil of 0.15 Ohm is pre-mounted and a stainless steel SSOCC of 0.5 Ohm (for Wattage controlled vaping).

It's the new brilliant coils from Kanger that comes in three versions:

  • Stainless steel (SSOCC)
  • Nickel (NiOCC)
  • Titanium (TiOCC -not included in the set)

The coils all have a vertical design that, together with the Organic Cotton wick, will ensure a vape that is as flavourful as it is massive.
It will also work with the earlier Kanger OCC coils (the square ones) so if you have some in stock, they will not go to waste.

However, if you are the vape-equvivilant of Bob The Builder, the Nebox set also comes with a RBA-unit that will let you spin your own coil and laugh of the readymade ones.
Note: Remember to always Prime your coil before use!

The Kanger Nebox: Everything a vaper could ever want - in one fistful of power ad features!



  • Made from steel, aluminium and plastic (the tank).
  • Tank will hold a massive 10 ml of juice (made from plastic, not all liquids can be used).
  • Variable Wattage from 7 - 60W in 0.1 increments.
  • Will run resistances between 0.15 - 2.0 Ohm in Watt-mode.
  • Temperature control from 100-300°C / 200-600°F.
  • Nickel or Titanium mode.
  • Will run resistances between 0.15 - 2.0 Ohm in TC-mode.
  • Uses one 18650 flat top battery (minimum 20Amp is recommended.
  • Charging via micro USB.
  • Passthrough mode: Vape while charging.
  • 1 x SSOCC replacable Ni200 coil 0.15 Ohm with blue O-ring (for use in T.C-Ni mode between 10W - 50W)
  • 1 x SSOCC replacable stainless steel coil of 0.5 ohm with red O-ring (for use between 10W - 50W in wattage mode).
  • 5 click on/off.
  • Bright OLED screen.
  • Low atomizer resistance protection. The screen will show the resistance but will not fire.
  • Short circuit protection. 
  • Overheat protection. 
  • Reverse pole protection.
  • Measurements: Aprox. 86,3mm x 58mm x 23mm. (Height 100.6mm w. drip tip).

The set contains:

  • 1 x Nebox starter set.
  • 1 x 510 Delrin drip tip.
  • 1 x SSOCC replacable Ni200 coil 0.15 Ohm with blue O-ring (for use in T.C-Ni mode between 10W - 50W) -pre-mounted.
  • 1 x SSOCC replacable stainless steel coil of 0.5 ohm with red O-ring (for use between 10W - 50W in wattage mode).
  • 1 x RBA unit.
  • 1 x Piece of 100% organic cotton.
  • 3 x pre-spun coils of 0.5 Ohm, one is mounted in the RBA unit.
  • 1 x Pack w spare screws and a screwdriver.
  • 1 x USB charging cable.
  • 1 x User Manual.

OCC replacable coils (0.5 & 1.5 Ohm) is sold separately.
18650 battery is sold separately.

Prime your coil:
- Remember to prime your new coil before filling liquid in the tank. Drip aprox. 8 drops of e-juice directly onto the wick inside the coil to make sure it is drenched in juice. Then fill the tank with juice and wait a few minutes before using the tank.
- Start up on a low Watt setting (if using a VW Mod) and increse the power gradually.




Nebox can be bought in different 4 colours Black, Red, Blue and white.













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