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Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery - 40W - Grey

Price: DKR 246.90
Ex Tax: DKR 197.52
Brand: Aspire - Eigate
Product Code: CFSUBG
Size: 22 x 22 x 114.5
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Look no further than this Aspire sub ohm battery to match your tanks and atomisers when vaping below 1.0 Ohm.
*You can also
vape with normal atomizer resistance on this battery it does not have to be sub Ohm, thats only an extra possibility.


Packed full of features the sub ohm battery can power an atomiser with a resistance as low as 0.3 ohms resistance and a perfect match for the Aspire Atlantis tank or the Kanger subtank.

With its known tough carbon fibre and stainless steel finish, spring loaded connection, a massive 2000 mAh capacity and a maximum current of 40A its hard not to be impressed with the battery.

The battery is charged using a USB charger via PC or wall outlet. The CF sub ohm battery has additional safety features built-in and most shown with the aid of the LED lights around the switch to identify those functions. The tip has an adequate juice well, ample vent slots and compatible with 510 & Ego atomisers.


  • 5 click on / off function.
    Blue & Orange LED will blink 3 times to indicate status. The button will activate blue when ON.
  • LED battery voltage indicator.
    Blue LED will show between 3.5V - 4.2V remaining.
    Orange LED will show voltage less than 3.5V remaining.
  • Max output voltage 4.2V.
  • Max 40W.
  • Compatible with atomiser ohms of 0.3 ohms - 1.0 ohm.
  • Maximum current 40A.
  • 510 & Ego compatible.
  • 2000 mAh capacity.
  • Charged via USB cable (not included).
  • Low battery indicator.
    Orange LED will blink 15 times.
  • Over charge protection.
    If charging reaches 4.2V it will automatically stop charging.
  • Over discharge protection.
    When the battery power drops to 3.2V the battery will shitch off and the orange LED will blink 15 times.
  • Atomiser short circuit protection.
    Both LED lights will blink 3 times and the battery will go into sleep mode.
  • Charging short circuit protection.
    If the charger short circuits both LED lights will blink 6 times and the battery will default to off mode.
  • Dimensions - diameter 22mm and a height of 144mm.


Charging instructions:

  1. Gently screw the battery 510 into the USB charging cable.
  2. Plug the USB into the PC or USB wall charger.
    The battery will blink 3 times and turn a solid colour:
    Orange - 3.2V - 3.5V
    Blue 3.5V - 4.2V
  3. The light on the USB charger wil go red when charging.
  4. The light on the USB charger will turn green when fully charged.

*A USB charging cable is not included and if you dont already have one please add one when checking out. 

*Purchase is for the battery only. Other items are only shown for demonstration purposes.



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