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Pink Mule Acetyl Pyrazine 5% - 10 ml

Price: DKR 19.63
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Brand: Pink Mule Lab.
Product Code: ACETYL10
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Popcorn, nutty corn, chip bread, crust chocolate, hazelnut coffee enchancer.

Acetyl Pyrazine is typically used to enhance tobacco flavors and to bring out a nutty or bready note.  Works perfect to give extra "volume" to your nutty flavours also.
However it is very strong and not very forgiving so start by adding just a drop to your mix - add too much and your juice may end up tasting like corn chips!  Recommended to start testing at 0.5% to base or less and adjust to taste.

  • 10 ml 5% Acetyl Pyrazine CAS 22047-25-2 diluted in Propylene Glycol
  • Produced by the Pink Mule Lab.

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