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Kanger Subox Mini Silicone Skin

Price: DKR 29.00
Ex Tax: DKR 23.20
Brand: Andre
Product Code: SKIN-KBOX
Size: 40 x 24 x 82.8
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Kanger Subox Mini Set - White Kanger Subox Mini Set - White DKR 570.00 DKR 538.75 Qty:
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safely surrounded subox

If you are like us, your Subox Mini has become as essential a part of your life as the cornflakes you shove down in the morning.
But wait? Milk, sugar and greasy fingers...that's not a good combo with a beautiful Subox? Well maybe it is...

This is a handy and practical silicone sleeve for your beautiful box. This means that milkdrops and greasy fingerprints no longer have to spell disaster by smudging your Subox.

The cover is made to fit snugly on your Subox Mini and the precise cut outs allows you full access to the display, the micro-USB port and the ventilation hole displays Kangers logo in a delicate way.
The buttons are protected by rubber, but clearly marked and easy to use.

So go on: Have another bowl of cornflakes. Your Subox is protected!


  • Material: Silicone rubber.
  • Cut outs for display and micro-USB port.
  • Clever button design with clear markings.
  • Ventilation hole displays the Kanger logo.


Purchase is for:
1 x Silicone skin for the Kanger Subox mini.

*Purchase is for the silicone skin only. Other products are shown as inspiration.


You can decorate your Subox Mini in seven different colours.






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