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Xtar Car Adapter USB 2100 mAh (2.1A)

Preço: DKR 68.75
Sem impostos: DKR 55.00
Marca: Xtar
Código do produto: XTAR03
Tamanho: 30 x 20 x 72
Disponibilidade: Em estoque


XTAR VC4 charger - 4 Slots XTAR VC4 charger - 4 Slots DKR 275.00 Qtd:
XTAR MC0 Charger - 1 Slot XTAR MC0 Charger - 1 Slot DKR 51.65 Qtd:
Acessórios geral:
O produto total com acessórios:
DKR 68.75




The best batteries are the ones at hand, if they are charged that is!
This car adapter will quickly charge ecig batteries, loose batteries, mobile phones etc, while you're driving.

Many Mods are charged via USB and some of them you can even use while they are charging. Pretty neat charge while driving and vaping at the same time.

This adapter is made by Xtar for use with their VC4 battery charger as it needs more power to charge the 4 batteries it will hold.
It delivers the 2100 mAh the VC4 needs, but obviously you can use it for everything else as well. That way you get the fastest possible charging while you're driving.
That means never again running out of steam on the family trip to Blackpool.

  • 5V
  • 2.1A (2100 mAh)

Just think about it: You are actually converting petrol into steampower. That is some heavy reverse engineering!

So Happy Vaping - in Blackpool too!






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