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Copsa PinkPink Don-Key Mix and Vape Kit - Totally 50ml

Preço: DKR 87.81
Sem impostos: DKR 70.25
Marca: Copsa Aroma
Código do produto: PIN 30 BASE
Disponibilidade: Em estoque

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brilliance in a bottle + 40.5 ML BASE


Created by Copsa for Pink Mule.

Raspberries, salty licotice and champagne - topped up with a twist of menthol.
If this sounds like a strange mix to you, you may be right.

However, the result is a taste that will make the angels sing!

The Danish e-juice maker Copsa has designed this wonderful flavour and recommends that you mix 9.5 ml flavour in 40.5 ml base.

Pink Mule presents this set of flavour and base that is ready to mix:

All you need to do is to is mix the two and let it mature for a couple of days. The you're ready to vape!

The "Mix-your-own" set contains:

  • Flavour 9.5 ml:
  • Nicotine base 40.5 ml (50% VG -50% PG)

9.5 ml flavour + 40.5 nicotine base = 50 ml of ready-to-vape liquid.



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