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Youde Goliath V2 ROCC Dual Ni200 coil 0.15 Ohm - 1 pcs

Prezzo: DKR 39,34
Prezzo IVA esclusa: DKR 31,47
Marca: UD Youde Technology
Codice Prodotto: AT106x1 solo
Disponibilità: In magazzino



Ni200 coil for TC on the goliath v2

Ni200 coil for the Goliath V2 that lets you vape using Temperature Control (TC).
The dual coils and 100% organic cotton wicks are guaranteed to give you the perfect vape every time.

  • Resistance: 0.15 Ohm.
  • Ni-200 dual nickel coil.
  • For use on Mods featureing Temperature Control.
  • Range: 190° - 260° Celcius (380° - 500° Farenheit)

These replacable coils for the Goliath V2 are made from stainless steel with a ceramic base.
The wick is made from the famous Koh Gen Do 100% organic Japanese cotton to give you the best flavour possible.
The wire is Ni200 nickel wire in a dual coil set-up with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm.
The coil can be used in the range: 190° - 260° Celcius (380° - 500° Farenheit).

By using these coils in the Goliath V2 on a Mod featuring TC and set it up correctly, you can say goodbye to dry-hits and burned taste all together.

Purchase is for one Ni200 coil.
The coil will fit the Goliath V2


*These coils are only for use on a Mod featuring Temperature Control.

**Remember to Prime your coil before use: Simply drip e-liquid in any hole in the coil to ensure that the cotton is completely soaked in juice. 
Then let the tank rest for 10-15 minuttes before use.






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