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Price: DKR 501.03
Ex Tax: DKR 400.83
Brand: Everzon
Product Code: KIT017
Size: 295 x 110 x 54
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From Firestone, now Dovpo

If you do not want to worry about damaging your Mod, you might want to look into getting your own private armoured tank.

The LVT was an amphibious tank used during World War II. "Amphibious" is the definition of a vehicle which can move both on land and on water, so there is no doubt where the inspiration has come from.

So here is your own compact and heavy tank weighing aprox 236 gr. A genuine battle Mod that will stand most elements.

e-LVT will endure both shock, bumps and even splashes of water, so you will not have to worry about dropping it on the ground or accidently getting some water on it. It comes with a build in flashlight and it will even charge your mobile.

It can be used in Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage modes and along with all the other great features making it an all round great and versitile vaping device.


  • Variable wattage - can be adjustable from 3.0W to 15.0W (in 0.5W increments).
  • Variable voltage - can be adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (in 0.1V increments).
  • Quick click the power button for 3 times to turn ON/OFF.
  • Check battery level, voltage, resistance and wattage.
  • Low battery, low resistance and short-circuit warning.
  • Voltage indicator: Lower 3.6V (red), 3.6-3.75V (yellow), Over 3.75V (green).
  • Locking function.
  • The maximum time for inhale once is 10 seconds.
  • Power supply: you can recharge the mod with attached USB cable, or you can take out the 18650 battery to charge.
  • Charging indicator: The LED indicator is ON when charging, and turns off automatically after fully charged..
  • 510/Ego threaded connector.
  • Brass contact.
  • Powered by single 18650 battery (battery sold separately).
  • Can be used as a mobile power bank.
  • With LED flashlight.
  • Water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust-proof.
  • Size - 28.5 mm x 110 mm x 54 mm.

Kit Supplied with :

  • 1 x User manual (English).
  • 1 x Allen Wrench.
  • 1 x USB x 4 outlet cables.
    (Apple 30 pin / Apple lightening / Miro-USB / Mini USB)
  • Wall to USB charger and batteries are NOT included.
  • We advise to read the manual thouroughly before using.
  • You only buy the e-LVT Mod



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