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Price: DKR 1,497.93 DKR 1,030.99
Ex Tax: DKR 824.79
Brand: UVO System
Product Code: HADES MOD
Size: 96.9 x 31 x 31
Availability: In Stock


1 X EFEST IMR 26650 BATTERY 3000 MAH 1 X EFEST IMR 26650 BATTERY 3000 MAH DKR 87.81 Qty:
1 X EFEST IMR 26650 BATTERY 3500 MAH 1 X EFEST IMR 26650 BATTERY 3500 MAH DKR 92.98 Qty:
Efest LUC V4 Charger (4 Batteries) Efest LUC V4 Charger (4 Batteries) DKR 219.00 Qty:
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DKR 1,030.99
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This stunning 26650 mod by Footoon has been extremely well designed and manufactured with precision.

When it comes to size it is almost impossible to do it more elegantly than Footoon. In spite of its size there is an lightness to the Hades which will make it attractive to people who might think it maybe just a little too big.

With room for a 26650 battery, there will be enough power for even a heavy duty vapor, with little more to wish for.

Thers is absolutely nothing about this Mod that prevents you from achieving the best vape you have ever experienced form a mechanical Mod, which at the same time gives you up to two days of vaping on the same battery, depending on you setup.



  • Constructed from high grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Accepts 26650 batteries - inserted from the bottom only.
  • Smooth operated switch locking ring for extra safety.
  • Silver plated brass contacts for better conductivity.
  • Adjustable battery and atomiser contacts.
  • Adequate vent holes added into the body design.
  • 31 mm switch diameter tapering down to a top cap diameter of 28.5 mm.
  • Stunning unique logo on the switch button and serial number engravings.
  • Hight: 96.9 mm.
  • Width: 31.01 mm.
  • Top Cap diameter 28.5 mm.


  • This is the latest version with softer switch springs.
  • This mod does not come supplied with batteries.





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