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Youde Goliath V2 ROCC Single Clapton coil 0.6 Ohm - 1 pcs

Preço: DKR 35.63
Sem impostos: DKR 28.50
Marca: UD Youde Technology
Código do produto: AT108x1 solo
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Youde Goliath V2 Sub-Ohm RBA/RTA Atomizer Tank Youde Goliath V2 Sub-Ohm RBA/RTA Atomizer Tank DKR 385.00 Qtd:
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DKR 35.63



0.6 ohm clapton COIL for the goliath v2

These Goilath V2 0.6 Ohm Clapton single coil with 100% organic cotton wicks is guaranteed to give you the perfect vape every time.

  • Resistance: 0.6 Ohm.
  • Single Clapton coil, wraped with Kanthal A1 wire.
  • For use between 25W - 50W.

These replacable atomizer coils for the Goliath V2 are made with a Clapton-spun wire in a single coil set up that will take you as low as 0.6 Ohm.
The wick is made from the famous Koh Gen Do 100% organic Japanese cotton to give you the best flavour possible.

You can use these coils between 25 - 50 Watts.

Purchase is for one coil.
The coils will fit the Goliath V2 tank

**Remember to Prime your coil before use: Simply drip e-liquid in any hole in the coil to ensure that the cotton is completely soaked in juice. 
Then let the tank rest for 10-15 minuttes before use.






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