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Simeiyue SMY60 Box Mod - 60W - Blue/Carbon

Prezzo: DKR 598,00
Prezzo IVA esclusa: DKR 478,40
Marca: Simeiyue ShenZhen
Codice Prodotto: SMY60A
Dimensione: 56 x 27 x 98.5
Disponibilità: In magazzino


Simeiyue SMY60 Box Mod - 60W - Blue/Carbon Simeiyue SMY60 Box Mod - 60W - Blue/Carbon DKR 598,00 Qtà:
Wall Charger for USB-cable Wall Charger for USB-cable DKR 36,16 Qtà:
Accessori generali:
Prodotto totale con accessori:
DKR 598,00



big screen vaping

SMY60 is a boxmod that will be noticed.
The screen is big, REALLY big! It gives you unprecedented acces to everything that goes on in your Mod. It's like a speedometer for your vape.

  • Large OLED screen with cool smaptphone/speedometer design.
  • Puff-counter: Follow your every puff.
  • Variable Wattage 7 - 60W.
  • Will run atomizer resistance from 0.3 - 3 Ohm.


Biiiiig screen:

The first thing you notice about the SMY60 is the big screen. 
The design is clearly inspired by the speedometer in your Porche and gives you all the info you could ever wish for, about your vape.
We vapers are used to tiny "digital watch" type screens that were pretty cool in the 80's...but today???
The SMY60 has got the right idea. We live in the age of the smartphone so give us a decent screen when we are puffing away!

The design of the box itself is also inspired by the beast in the garage. Steel and Carbon gives it a raw, industrial effect that will look cool on any dashboard.

Power to the people:

The SMY60 is a VW (Variable Wattage) Mod that allows you to move between 7 - 60W and from 0.3 - 3.0 Ohm. That should be more than enough for most vapers.

The power comes from a single 18650 battery (flat top, minimun 25Amp) that is kept in place by a lid with strong magnets. No need for a screwdriver if you need to swich batteries on the road.
You can also charge the battery directly in the SMY60, using the USB-cable provided.

Safety features gallore:

You'll get a long list of important safety features in your SMY60.
It is protected from: Short circuit, reverse battery, low voltage, low resistance, high temperature and over charging if the battery is charged in the Mod.
Finally, you'll even get a handy transport case that will keep your SMY60 safe on your way from the livingroom to the garage.

The SMY60: Never has your vape been so easy to follow!




  • Durable Steel-Carbon construction.
  • Variable Watt from 7 - 60W
  • Volt from 3.2V - 4.2V.
  • Compatible with atomizer-resistance from 0.3 - 3.0 Ohm
  • Big OLED screen with new and exciting design.
  • 3 click on / off function.
  • SMY60 is turned off via the menu.
  • 510 thread with adjustable copper pin.
  • Uses 1 x 18650 battery (Flat top, minimum 25Amp).
  • Puff counter and many other features in the menu.
  • Temperature sensor for the electronics.
  • Low Voltage protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Low resistance protection.
  • Over discharge protection.
  • Battery can be charged in the Mod via Micro-USB port.
  • Detailed and easy to use User Manual.
  • Size - 98.5mm x 56mm x 27mm.


Kit contains:

1 x SMY60 mod.
1 x User Manual.
1 x USB - Mini USB charging cable.
1 x Flat head screwdriver for adjusting the 510 pole.
1 x Small cloth for cleaning the screen.
1 x Transport case.

*Purchase is for above listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.

*Battery sold separately. The SMY60 uses 1 x 18650 Flat-Top battery with at least 25 Amp)





The SMY60 version on our shop does not have the screws Todd's version has. The battery cover on our version is securely attached and will not move as shown in the video.






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