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Youde Master Coil Kit Mini

Prezzo: DKR 141,25
Prezzo IVA esclusa: DKR 113,00
Marca: UD Youde Technology
Codice Prodotto: UD COIL KIT
Dimensione: 125 x 75 x 28
Disponibilità: In magazzino



DIY coils on the savannah

The set comes in a handy pocked sized box containing:

  • Retractable pointed scissors. Ideal for cutting your various wicks and snipping your resistance wire.
  • Angle tipped tweezers. Perfect for adjusting your coil builds and for working with those small parts where your fingers are just too big.
  • A small coil and cotton hook. Use one end to adjust your wick and the other to spin a coil around.
  • Two headed screwdriver. One end is crosshair and the other  end is straight headed. It has a small hole that will fit the cotton hook if you need a good grip for tight screws.
  • Small angled pliers for cutting wire.
  • Presented in nice handy box.

The best DIY set is the one you always have at hand when you need to spin a coil in the Summer house, on the couch or in a leaky canoe on the Zambezi River!

Youde gets this and has made the perfect take-along-with-you DIY set for making perfect coils even on the Savannah.


*Keep the tools out of reach of children. These are not toys!




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