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LorAnn Apple Flavour 30 ml

Precio: DKR 77.48
Sin IVA: DKR 61.98
Marca: Lorann
Modelo: 023535350051
Disponibilidad: En stock



When Adam saw the apple in Eve's hand he must have thought something like:
"Okay that apple sure looks delicious...but if I taste it I'll loose my immortality, get throughn
out of Paradise and will have to wear wellies when it rains..."
Adam choose the apple.
Try this amazing flavour and you'll understand why!
The taste of crisp, fresh apples with exactly the right balance between sweet and sour.
  • Aprox. 30 ml (1ounze)
  • Glutenfree - Sugarfree and without added colour



The flavours from LorAnn are 3 - 4 times stronger than the flavours normally used for vaping.
Try using 3 - 5 % in your base.

LorAnn's flavours are also perfect for use in cooking and cakes.



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