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This set comes with high-quality batteries and super cartomizers (Boge) suitable for experienced and inexperienced vapers alike.

The set includes everything you need.
Long battery life - and superior vapour and taste from quality cartomizers.

The set includes:

2 batteries (e-cigarettes)
The 3.7 volt and 1100 mAh batteries last 10-14 hours without recharging.
They are  known as manual batteries, as you have to press a button to produce the vapour. Manual batteries give a stronger vaping experience than automatic batteries, where you simply puff to inhale the vapour.

1 wall charger and 1 USB charger.
Screw the USB charger onto your battery charger when you are ready to charge. You can then place it in either your wall charger or your PC. The wall charger is the fastest method.

1 drip tip.
Attach to your e-liquid tank so you can refill the tank during the day without having to remove

the cartomizer cap. The drip tip also gives a more intense taste and vapour experience.

3 Cartomizers (e-liquid tanks)
They hold approx. 1.1 ml. of e-liquid. Cartomizers are metal tubes with a filter and an atomizing coil that vaporizes your e-liquid when you activate the battery and inhale.

1 Cone. Covers your cartomizer and connection. In matching colour.

10 ml. e-liquid (remember to select strength)
With a great taste. Then you are all set.

1 practical, sturdy case (Large or medium, depending on stock) that can house your entire vaping kit. 

The set contains everything you need to get started and will give you a great vaping experience from day 1. E-liquid tanks come in all shapes and sizes

that you can try out and that fit your batteries. However, you do not have to buy any as the set already contains everything you need.

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