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Ce4 is the name of the liquid containers
included in your kit

The biggest difference between the sets are the liquid containers. The ecigarette batteries, USB charger, wall socket charger, box and liquids, except for colour and battery size, are more or less the same. However, read carefully the description of each set.
For regular ecigarette batteries it is a good idea to use low ohms in order to maximize vape and strength. Approx. from 1.8 to 2.4 ohms.



The CE4 clearomizer is a less transparent "tank", available in different colors or transparent. CE4 is quite uncomplicated to fill with liquid, making it the easiest one for everybody to use.

Inside the tank is an air tube in the middle, and on top a wick wrapped with a thin burning filament. The wick absorbs liquid from the “tank” to the burning filament. When heated up it pre-evaporates the liquid providing you with a real good vape and taste.


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Ce4 Single Kit 1100 mAh
      PRETTY KIT  If you would like to start v..
DKR 98.00
Ex Tax: DKR 78.40
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Ce4 Vision Set 1100 mAh - Different Colours + 10ml e-liquid
  PROF KIT - FOR BEGINNERS and pros alike   A kit for..
DKR 361.57 DKR 198.00
Ex Tax: DKR 158.40
Based on 29 reviews.


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