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Youde Muji Cotton and 3m Ni200 Wire 0.40mm (AWG26) Kit

Precio: DKR 36.25
Sin IVA: DKR 29.00
Marca: UD Youde Technology
Modelo: 26NI200
Tamaño: 500 x 0 x 0
Disponibilidad: En stock



why go twice?

Why take two trips to the vape store, when you can make do with one?

  • 3m Ni200 wire AWG26 - 0.40mm.
  • 3 x pieces of 100% organic MUJI cotton.

Youde has made an excellent selection for the disconcerting vaper.
You get both cotton AND wire in one package.

This set gives you every opportunity to bravely venture out in the world of DIY vaping and create home-spun coil masterpieces for your RBA/RDA's (Rebuildable Atomizer). It contains 3 meters of 0.40mm (AWG26) Ni200 wire.
This wire can only be used on a Mod featuring Temprature Control (TC) and will, in a correct set up, make horrible dry-burns a thing of the past.

You also gets 3 pieces of MUJI organic cotton that will ensure maximum taste from your e-liquids.

So basically this nice little package will remove any excuse for not plunging head first into the role of a true coil smith!


  • Ni200 wire.
  • 0.40 mm.
  • 3 m.
  • Awg 26.
  • Aprox. 0.007 Ohm/cm.
  • 3 pieces of 100% organic MUJI cotton.

Purchase is for:
3 pieces of 100% organic MUJI cotton.
3 meters of Ni200 0.40mm (AWG26) wire.



Use the coil calculator by Rapid table

More facts about wire etc.






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