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FatDaddy Vapin Donuts x 6

Preço: DKR 139.91
Sem impostos: DKR 111.93
Marca: FatDaddy
Código do produto: FDVDONUTS
Disponibilidade: Em estoque

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From Fat Daddy these fantastic ceramic heating elements (Vapin Donuts) for your RBA / RDA are finally here.

If your not good at making coils or have no knowledge of coil building well these convenient elements are so simple and give great results.

Available in a variety of resistance to suit your requirements and come in packs of 6. Please select your required resistance from the drop down box.

The 'Donut' has a diameter of approx 6.8mm. Please keep in mind they are made of ceramic and must be handled with care.


*For very low and sub-ohm vaping using the Donuts we recommend the user has the knowledge for doing so. Please make sure your mod is capable of running such low resistance atomisers. We also suggest if using a mechanical mod the use of high drain / high Amp batteries are used.





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