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iStick 50W Skin - Turquoise

Precio: DKR 20.66
Sin IVA: DKR 16.53
Marca: Andre
Modelo: SKIN04
Tamaño: 24 x 46 x 83.5
Disponibilidad: En stock


Ismoka Eleaf Bender for iStick Ismoka Eleaf Bender for iStick DKR 29.96 Cantidad:
iStick 50w Pouch w Lanyard - Black iStick 50w Pouch w Lanyard - Black DKR 55.00 Cantidad:
iStick 50W Skin - Blue iStick 50W Skin - Blue DKR 20.66 Cantidad:
iStick 50W Skin - Pink iStick 50W Skin - Pink DKR 20.66 Cantidad:
iStick 50W Skin - Black iStick 50W Skin - Black DKR 20.66 Cantidad:
Accesorios generales:
Producto total con accesorios:
DKR 20.66




The silicone skin for the iStick 50W is a perfect accessory for extra grip and protection.

The silicone skin fits the istick 50W like a glove and allows access to everything you require without having to remove it to charge, fire, adjust or check the screen. 

The touch of the silicone is smooth and also offers the extra grip that silicone provides. Whether for protection, looks or feel the silicone skin is an ideal companion for your iStick.

The skin is compatible with the iStick 50W and available in various colours.


*Purchase is for one skin only. Colour: Turquoise. Other colours can be purchased separately. The iStick 50W is shown as inspiration.


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