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FatDaddy Adhesive Battery Direction Labels - 2 pcs

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Brand: FatDaddy
Product Code: FATD 03
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Even the most hardy home Modder can forget which way to turn the batteries in a DIY masterpiece.
These handy self adhesive direction battery-labels will make your vape-life safer, better and more fun.

  • Two self adhesive battery direction labels.
  • Clear markings of plus and minus pole.

As a DIY Modder you live a hectic life and it can easily be forgotten which way the batteries go in your Mods.
These handy battery direction labels are easily attached in your Mod, making it near impossible to put the batteries in the wrong way.


  • Two self adhesive labels.
  • To mount in the battery compartment to show which way the batteries go in.

Purchase is for:

2 x Self adhesive battery labels.







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