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G2 Vapor Original 15ml - 24mg

Preço: DKR 90.00
Sem impostos: DKR 72.00
Marca: G2 Vapor
Código do produto: 748252753328
Disponibilidade: Em estoque




Green apple meets absinthe. They dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.
Enjoy some beverage, vape some G2 and their passion is sure to please you.
Multiple layers of sweet and tart apples blended with absinthe and anise.

There may be hidden gems in this vape and none have identified them all to date.



Fine e-liquids by Liquid Art Inc featuring G2 Vapor.
A company dedicated to designing, developing, and bottling premium e-liquid for the vaping industry. Liquid Art offer a full line-up of e-liquids that's sure to please every taste.
Everything is manufactured in 4000 sqft facility that includes a fully enclosed clean room,  automatic bottling line and separate hepa filtered and industrially exhausted mixing room.  They spare no expense to ensure you receive the best quality liquids that taste the same every-time you purchase them from your favorite vendor.  G2 Vapor is very proud to have received four spinfuel awards. Check out the review here: spinfuel






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