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Pink Mule 15ml Bottle Dropper Tube

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Brand: Kill That Cat S.L.
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Pink Mule 15ml & 20ml  Dropper Cap Pink Mule 15ml & 20ml Dropper Cap
DKR 1.20 Qty:
Cap for Pink Mule 15ml & 20ml glass bottles Cap for Pink Mule 15ml & 20ml glass bottles
DKR 1.20 Qty:
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DKR 1.20
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Note: This pipette can only be used if you also purchase: 

This glass dropper tube will fit the Pink Mule range of eliquid bottle dropper caps. 

This dropper tube will fit all coloured dropper caps and for use with the 15ml bottles. 

*Purchase is ONLY for the short dropper tube.

A bottle from the Pink Mule range option 15ml, bottle top and dropper cap will have to be purchased separately with a number of colour cordinated options to choose from. The optional bottles, caps and dropper colours will help you identify different flavours and nicotine strengths.


*For safety reasons we recommend if you store nicotine in the bottle, it should be clearly labelled and kept out of the reach of children.



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