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Drip Tip for the Goblin Mini - B7

Preço: DKR 128.00
Sem impostos: DKR 102.40
Marca: Andre
Código do produto: B7
Tamanho: 13.5 x 13.5 x 19
Disponibilidade: Em estoque



handmade drip tip for the Goblin mini

Drip tip for the Goblin Mini, handmade in Denmark.

You are special. Your vape is special. Why on earth shouldn't your drip tip be special too?

It is no secret that the Goblin Mini tank is "born" with a drip tip that is not exaclty top notch. Here's your chance to get an excellent, unique and handmade drip tip that is not only fantastic to use but also beautiful as a sunrise.

This drip tip is sculpted from PMMA (acryl) and has a delrin adapter that will allow easy mounting on your tank.
The tip is made exclusively for the Goblin Mini tank and will replace the tip that comes with the tank.

Enjoy the delicate play of colours in the beautiful material, enjoy the fantastic feel on your lips. Basically: Just ENJOY!

This drip tip is aprox. 15mm in length and has a diameter of 13.9mm.
The hole is aprox. 10mm.

To mount the drip tip, take off the top cap of your Goblin Mini and put the adapter into the drip tip hole.
Screw the top cap back on and put the tip on the adapter.
In just a little more than a heartbeat you have transformed your Goblin Mini from "just a good tank" to a true work of art!


*This drip tip will only fit the Goblin Mini tank.

**Purchase is for the drip tip and adapter only. other products are shown as inspiration.

***You can read more about PMMA here.








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