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Copsa Blue Cloud Flavour 9.5ml

Preço: DKR 71.28
Sem impostos: DKR 57.02
Marca: Copsa Aroma
Código do produto: COPA75
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Blueberries are nice. Menthol is nice. Licorice is nice.
So what happens when a master craftsman blends it together in a fantastic cocktail? get a fantastic cocktail!

The sweet berries in a fresh combo with serious menthol and with licorice as a bit of common sense at the bottom: Everything points to one result and one result only:
An exquisite vape experience above and beyond anything you'd expect from an e-juice.


9.5ml Flavour

Propylene Glycol.
Natural Flavourings.

Does not contain: Diacetyl, Acetyl and Propionyl .


Copsa recommends that you use 19% flavour in your nicotine-base. This means that if you mix the content of this bottle (9.5 ml) with 40.5 ml nicotine-base, you will get 50 ml of e-juice ready for vaping.








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