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Pink Mule Ce4+ v3 with replaceable atomiser head - Yellow

Precio: DKR 36.16 DKR 18.60
Sin IVA: DKR 14.88
Marca: Jomo Technology
Modelo: 30643
Disponibilidad: En stock


This is a CE4 where you change only the atomiser head when it becomes dull, so you do not have to change the whole CE4.

You can buy atomiser heads with different resistance depending on whether you use your ordinary Ego style batteries (choose 1.5 - 2.4 Ohm) or you use a Mod with variable voltage/wattage (VV/VW).

You just screw off the bottom of the CE4 clearomiser, unscrew the used atomiser head and screw the new one on. You have just installed a fresh atomiser.

You save money by only changing the atomiser head but this way it is also much easier to clean the CE4.

The CE4 can contain 1.6ml of eliquid and should not be filled more that the 1.6ml line.

A customer has given us the following advice:

Prior to use
Unscrew the bottom, remove the plastic cap, and very carefully use a flat item that fits into the two grooves without touching the threads on the filament. Now turn until you feel metal against metal – tighten with a light hand only.

Use only hot water; never pull the wick as it can cause the filament to move and one or more of the threads to short-circuit when drying – place the entire inner tube flat on an absorbent surface and press the wick ends lightly against the surface.

Change of flavour or new CE4 v3
It may take half to a whole tank before the taste comes through.
Using undiluted flavour may remedy this problem.
Drip the undiluted flavour onto the wick until it has absorbed all it can and
then fill up with normal mixed liquid.


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