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Chuff Town CPH Aroma 10ml - Romantic

Precio: DKR 67.50
Sin IVA: DKR 54.00
Marca: Pink Mule Products
Modelo: CHUFF 21
Disponibilidad: En stock

A romantic sigh of love and a fantastic flavour.
Based on raspberries and lemon, with a naughty twist of spearmint.
A splendid vape when the music is playing and your loved one is in your arms.

10ml *Flavour

Use aprox. 20% flavour in your base.

*Flavour. Not for vaping

Chuff Town CPH is underground vaping in the coolest possible way.  The creator, Morten Pay, has vast experience in the world of gourmet food and has used this knowledge to create a truly unique line of flavours/aromas. Every aroma has been mixed from 8-14 different flavours to ensure a 100% original taste sensation. Most people love them, a few people hate them so if you’re looking for “a vape on the edge”, Chuff Town should be at the top of the short-list.


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