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Battery Sleeve Silicone for 2 x 26650 batteries - Black

Precio: DKR 29.00
Sin IVA: DKR 23.20
Marca: Coil Master
Modelo: Silicone for 2x26650
Disponibilidad: En stock

dual 26650 BATTERy sleeve

This silicone 26650 battery cover for two batteries is as simple as it is ingenious.
You can now bring two large 26650 batteries with you in a pocket, bag, etc without having to worry about the short circuiting from contact with coins or other metal objects.

The cover is made from durable, yet highly flexible silicone rubber which makes putting in the batteries easy and comfortable.

The opening on the front lets you check the battery details without removing the batteries.

It is clever and it is indespensible for vaping-on-the-go!


Purchase is for:
1 x Silicone sleeve for two 26650 batteries.

* Purchase is for the sleeve only. The batteries are shown as inspiration.

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