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FatDaddy RBA Knurled M2.5 Coil Screws - 6 Pack

Price: DKR 39.26
Ex Tax: DKR 31.41
Brand: FatDaddy
Product Code: KAY 358
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Problems no more connecting your coil to your RBA with this 6 pack of knurled replacement screws.

These screws are knurled with a M2.5 size thread are easy to screw in using your fingers. No more fumbling around trying to thread your coil end through small RBA post holes.

Very handy and less chance to strip the screw heads when using a screwdriver and can be tightened with your fingers.

Below is an example showing an RBA with original coil screws with very small headed philips screws that require a screwdriver. The lower picture showing the same RBA with the FatDaddy knurled screws fitted.


* Purchase is for 6 x M2.5 knurled screws only and the RBA is shown for demonstration purposes only.



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