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FatDaddy 510 Connector V4 Low Profile - Flat- Ø22mm

Precio: DKR 55.00
Sin IVA: DKR 44.00
Marca: FatDaddy
Modelo: KAY 378
Tamaño: 22 x 22 x 15.6
Disponibilidad: En stock


FatDaddy 510 Connector Installation Tool FatDaddy 510 Connector Installation Tool DKR 72.50 Cantidad:
Accesorios generales:
Producto total con accesorios:
DKR 55.00




Fatdaddy have come up with this new V4 low profile top design for their ever popular connectors.

It is completely re-designed to make it even better than previous versions which were superb. With heat resistant orings and insulators this will make it more resistant with sub ohm vapers. The low profile connector cap is only 1mm thick and this version has a fixed 22mm cap.
This version has a flat top with no air slots. 



  • Made from 304L Stainless Steel and H62 Brass.
  • Comes with solder collars and hex nuts.
  • Top connector diameter: 22mm.
  • Low profile with only a 1mm thick top.
  • Flat top without air slots.
  • Precision machined and finished.

*The Low profile V4 connector is also available with a 15.5mm diameter and can be purchased seperately.

The video features the V4 connector (not the low profile version) which has similar features except for the low profile version having a fixed top.












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