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Carrying Pouch Large - Black or Camo

Precio: DKR 41.32
Sin IVA: DKR 33.06
Marca: Andre
Modelo: Mod Bolsa
Disponibilidad: En stock

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This is a handy thing when you need to transport or store you vaping-gear.

It is said that a woman can fit the world in her handbag. Now any vaper (male or female) can fit, if not the world, then at least all the essential vape-gear in this practical pouch.

There is plenty of room for even a BIG Mod...and still space left over for things like: Liquid, extra battery, an extra drip tip...or even a hamster!


The pouch features a durable hook/clip that will allow you to attatch it to your belt, bag...or dog, so you don't even have to carry it yourself! That's handy.

The black pouch is made from faux leather and the camouflage edition is made from sturdy rubber.
*Remember to chose which model you want to order!

Length: 155,30 mm
Width: 60 mm


*Purchase is for the pouch only. Other items are displayed as inspiration.




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