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Sigelei 150W (TC) Temperature Control - Black

Price: DKR 968.75 DKR 748.75
Ex Tax: DKR 599.00
Brand: Sigelei
Product Code: SIGELEI150TC
Size: 59.7 x 25 x 100
Availability: In Stock


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powerful possibilities

It's nice to have a lot of power in your Mod and with Sigelei's new 150 Watt/100 Joule powerhouse, you get more than a handful. Throw in the latest features and technology...and you have a sure winner!


  • Variable Wattage from 10W - 150W.
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.1 -  3 Ohm 
  • Temperature control: 10 - 100 Joule (100 - 300°C / 212 - 572°F)
  • Size:  L: 57mm x W: 25mm x H: 100mm.


Plenty of Power:

The Sigelei 150W (TC) has, as the name suggests, a massive 150 Watts under the hood. That is a lot of power!
So if you like ordinary Wattage controlled vaping powervaping and have a passion for SubOhm, the Sigelei 150W (TC) is the Mod for you. The power from two 18650 batteries will give you enough juice to plunge all the way down to 0.1 Ohm...and blow clouds big enough to be registred on the weather map!


Control the heat:

However, the (TC) obviously means Temperature Control and this powerbox will definately make your nickel wires sing when you vape using heat control.

Sigelei has chosen the excellent YiHi SX330_T chip for the operation and combined with the raw power of the Mod, this will get you as high as 100 Joule and vape in a temperature range from 100 - 300°C / 212 - 572°F.
Remember that you must lock your Ohm when using TC mode and remember that the nickel coil has to be un-heated when doing so, to give it the right frame of reference when locking the Ohm.


Quality build:

The Sigelei 150W (TC) is a Mod build the way we know them from Sigelei: A durable steel construction with a nice rubber coating. If you want more protection, it comes with a silicone sleeve in the package.

The batteries are easy to replace as the lid is kept in place by two magnets. Strong enough to keep everything in place, but with a design that lets you open it easily.
As mentioned earlier the Sigelei 150W (TC) uses two 18650 batteries and you need to use batteries with 35 Amp if you wish to use the Sigelei 150W (TC) to its full potential. The batteries cannot be charged within the Mod so you also need an external charger.




Don't worry if the Temperature Control-thing seems a bit difficult to get the hang of. The Sigelei 150W (TC) has a brilliant OLED screen with an extensive menu that is easy to understand and use and the manual will help you all the way.
Yes, it might take a bit of time, but isn't that a small price to pay for being able to vape right at the frontline of vaping technology?

Remember: You don't have to use Temp Control. The Sigelei 150W (TC) has all the power you need to "live a long and happy life in Wattage-land".
You'll just have the opportunity to experiment with TC-vaping if at one point you should feel like it.

If you're already a seasoned TC-vaper, the Sigelei 150W (TC) is guaranteed to fulfill your every need!



  • Solid construction in steel with a rubber coating.
  • Battery lid kept in place by magnets.
  • Variable Wattage from  10W - 150W.
  • Variable Joule from 10J - 100J.
  • Temperature control: 100 - 300°C / 212 - 572°F. 
  • Will run atomizer resistance from 0.1 - 3 Ohm.
  • Output Max 35A, 1V - 7.5V.
  • Chip: YiHi SX330_T.
  • Large OLED screen.
  • Springmounted copper 510 connection.
  • 5 click on - turn off via the menu.
  • Press and hold "up" and "down" buttons to lock the Ohm in Joule mode.
  • 5 click to open menu.
  • Press and hold Firebutton while changing battery to reset, and check version of Firmware.
  • Temperature protection. Screen will say: "TOO HOT".
  • Low Ohm protection.
  • Atomizer short circuit protection.
  • Hige/Low Voltage protection.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Copper poles for batteries.
  • Uses two 18650 flat-top batteries (35Amp recommended).
  • Size - L: 57mm x W: 25mm x H: 100mm.


Purchase is for:

  • Sigelei 150W (TC)
  • 1 x Silicone skin.
  • 1 x User manual.
  • 1 x Warrenty card from Sigelei.


*Remember to purchase 2 18650 flat top batteries of 35 Amp, to use the Sigelei 150W TC to its full potential. 

**Purchase is for above listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.












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